Youthfulness – 20 ways to act my shoe size, not my age!


Out and about with my kids the other day I was reminded of the expression, “Act your age, not your shoe size!”. This generally implies immaturity, either being said to adults acting like overgrown children or to school-age children acting like overgrown toddlers.

I considered this expression from a ‘successful ageing’ perspective and thought it probably doesn’t make much sense. Maybe we should be acting our shoe size, after all?!

My feet are pretty small – I wear size 4 UK or size 37 European. Maybe size/age 4 could equate to being ‘childlike’ and size/age 37 could represent ‘youthfulness’? Both seem somewhat appealing as I approach my mid-forties. It also reminds me of some of the tips I learned from my Words of Wisdom initiative.

This inspired me to brainstorm some successful ageing tips from these two different perspectives.

10 tips for successful ageing from 4-year olds

Here’s my list of tips to be childlike, inspired from some of the great things that 4-year olds get up to. Some of which I may already indulge in from time to time!

  1. Joining in with the kids at play parks – swings, slides, climbing frame, zip wire etc
  2. Scooting with the kids – yes, I do have my own scooter!
  3. Skipping and trampolining – with or without the kids – (back garden only!)
  4. Colouring or doing very basic arts and crafts (with no pressure to produce adult quality)!
  5. Enjoying children’s books and stories
  6. Splashing around in the swimming pool with kids
  7. Playing with pets
  8. Laughing at silly jokes
  9. Enjoying a sense of wonder
  10. Living in the moment


10 tips for successful ageing to remain as close to 37-years-old

And here’s my list of tips to remain youthful and as close to my 37-year-old self – in my head anyway, if not always in my body.  Many of these I already try to do!

  1. Getting enough sleep – 6-8 is the ideal target, but we’re all slightly different
  2. Maintaining a balanced diet and not overeating
  3. Protecting my skin – all of it, but especially face and hands
  4. Keeping active – try to do something to get my body moving every day
  5. Keeping hydrated – drink water and herbal teas throughout the day
  6. Periodic detoxing – e.g. month off alcohol per year – meat-free January – limit caffeine
  7. Spending quality time with friends and family – enjoying time together as and when
  8. Pushing my comfort zone – not letting myself get too comfortable in any part of my life
  9. Learning new things – a language, sudoku, a new sport, new recipes etc
  10. Enjoying regular time out – taking time to recover from life or just to be alone


Whatever age you are – or whatever your shoe-size, I hope there are a couple of useful tips here to inspire you. I wish I had the time, energy and inclination to do all of these more often. Now I’m mindful of them, I’ll certainly make more of a conscious effort to do so.

You may have a different shoe size to me, or a completely different interpretation of what acting your shoe size would entail.  What other ideas do you have to inspire you?


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