Since I discovered my love of writing some 3 ½ years ago, when I launched Age Life Balance, I have been a fairly consistent writer.

My writing story

For the first 2 years of Age Life Balance, I churned out weekly blog posts. These reduced to fortnightly at some point, as I was alternating with posts on Blue Diamond. But I was still writing and felt like I had plenty of ideas to share.

With the exception of a few blips – notably August 2019, when I took the month off with my kids – I’ve been pretty good with maintaining my weekly writing habit.

Come rain or shine, whatever was going on in my (busy) life, I always seemed to find the time I needed to write a blog. And between you and I this isn’t an insignificant amount of time, approximately 3-4 hours per blog post.

I kept this up for well over 3 years, until the recent lockdown. At the beginning of the lockdown I continued to write, pertinent topics, alternating between Age Life Balance and Blue Diamond. But someone back in the blur of the last 3 months, I slowed down and ultimately seemed to have stopped.

I stopped writing Age Life Balance posts and I stopped writing Blue Diamond ones too.

What’s happened since

Now, Blue Diamond I can understand as I continue to create and publish content in video form as well as transcribing a series of interviews I’ve made. But I haven’t actually created any original written blog content for weeks!

Age Life Balance, for which I’ve normally got endless ideas, just seems to have dried up…

What is weird is that I’m still very passionate about the topic of ageing. And I’ve still got plenty of ideas I’d like to explore and share. I still love writing. But my ability to sit and write something oddly escapes me.

You cannot imagine how distracted I have been, just writing this blog!

What is going on?

So, the purpose of this blog is to examine this. After a lot of pondering I think it boils down to 4 reasons:

  • Many things have been put into question with coronavirus, the lockdown, the economy, the environment. My Age Life Balance crusade seems less significant (although arguably it’s more important than ever).
  • I have been really busy. I really hate to even list this as my life has always been busy and this hasn’t been a problem before. At the moment I’ve had work, childcare, home-schooling, cleaning, cooking. Even less me time than normal.
  • Normal habits have fallen along the wayside
  • My mum has been pretty poorly since a couple of weeks into the lockdown. This has led to a lot of additional admin, two visits to Cornwall from Cambridgeshire. Ironically, this has given me loads of ideas for content, but nothing I’m ready to share right now.

So, all in all, I need to get back on it. I need to remind myself of my purpose…

Age Life Balance vision

I want to live a long, purposeful, satisfying and financially free life and to help others to do the same.

I also have interesting ideas to share with others, in the hope that I inspire them.

So, I will make time for Age Life Balance, but I will be taking a good look at what I’m doing and how I achieve this. There could well be some changes coming as a result.

Post script

I actually wrote this blog 10 whole days before I’m posting it.

My mum eventually went into a care home today and now I feel ready to start again. I’m going to start by writing fortnightly blogs again and I’ll see how I get on.

Thanks for your ongoing support x


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