I’m in a happy place!

I’ve recently returned from an amazing week of skiing – the mountains really are one of my happy places!

A happy place is simply something that brings joy or makes you feel good. It can be a physical place, but it doesn’t have to be. A happy place can also be when everything feels right together, like a kind of ‘flow’.

I just feel right when I’m in the mountains. It must be the combination of the blue skies, the clear air and doing something that I love with great people.

I’d love to spend all week every week skiing, but alas, that is not my current life! In fact, maybe the ‘rationed’ aspect of my time in the mountains also contributes to the feeling of joy and gratitude I feel when I’m there.

The great thing is, it’s also prompted me to think about some of my other happy places.

Connecting with nature

Connecting with nature

I love getting out for a walk in most circumstances (except in squally and stormy weather). I enjoy doing this in most places but my happy places are either in woods (or surrounded by trees in some way) or walking near water. This could be the sea, but I’m happy enough with lakes and rivers. I enjoy going back to the same places periodically to see the changes in seasons as this helps to boost my natural energy.

I like to do this on my own, but also with (willing) family members. If I have to coax them out then some of the happiness naturally erodes…and I’d rather be alone!


OK, I’m not talking about the rushed ‘functional’ cooking that I do to put food on the table most days, although the results can sometimes be really rewarding! I’m talking about when I have more time available (mainly at weekends) to spend on this. I also love when I’m cooking for more than just my normal crowd. I guess there’s an element of challenge to try and delight others with my creations.

Empty swimming pool

Empty swimming pool

There is something utterly magical when I come out of the changing room to find an empty swimming pool! I’m also pretty happy if there are just a few other people. It makes the swim so much more indulgent and yet satisfying…

And yes, having my own swimming pool is definitely on my vision board 😉

Starting the day right

I am an early bird! I also love to get up at a similar time each day, 7 days a week. As my kids have got older (now pre-teens), I naturally have less free time in the evenings, but I make up for this with time in the mornings.

In the summer (and occasionally in the winter), I’ll get up and exercise first thing. This gives me energy for the day, as well as ticking that exercise box early and getting it out the way.

For the rest of the year, I’m either writing, organising things, planning etc. But, most importantly, the house is quiet and I’m focused.

I’m writing this at 7.30am on a Sunday. I’ve been up for an hour already and the house is still lovely and quiet – bliss!

Skiing in the mountains

This most recent time was further compounded by the beautiful blue skies and the great conditions we enjoyed for most of the week. It was even better as we spent half of the week skiing with our kids, as they’re now old enough (and competent enough). Hopefully this will only get better, as they get older!

How to create happy places

Life is short and we’re often too busy chasing our tails to notice what’s going on around us. Especially the things that bring us happiness.

A few simple tips:

  • Understand your own happy places – where or what brings you a sense of peace and joy?
  • Identify opportunities to enjoy them. Some may be easier to come by than others.

Alas I can’t nip to the mountains on a whim, but the getting up early, cooking for pleasure and connecting with nature are all possible without too much effort. The swimming pool is a gamble, but mainly when I go it’s fairly quiet, even if I can’t have the pool to myself!



A happy place is simply something that brings joy or makes you feel good. It can be a physical place, but it doesn’t have to be. It can also be when everything feels right together, like a kind of ‘flow’.

I feel great that I’ve identified my happy places and I’ll make a conscious effort to take myself there on a regular basis, for my well-being and that of those around me!


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