Life changing journey – Getting rid of excess weight

This week, I met up for a long-overdue chat with a lady I’d met at the beginning of the year. We initially met through a mutual friend and had got chatting about this and that. Pam is a bubbly, attractive looking lady in her mid-50s. I was surprised to learn that over the previous six months she’d been on a life changing journey. I was intrigued to learn more about this and what had triggered her to take action.


The backstory

Pam is a successful career woman, wife and mother. However, she has long-been a self-confessed people pleaser, leaving little time or opportunity to even think about herself, let alone put her needs first.

Over the years the weight had gradually piled on, leading to numerous health issues. At the peak her prescriptions filled multiple sides of A4. What’s worse, Pam no longer liked herself. Her bubbly personality masked a lack of self-esteem and self-confidence that was just as damaging as the physical issues she was experiencing.


Pam’s journey

A couple of years ago a friend invited her to a nail wrap party. This wasn’t really Pam’s thing, but she agreed to accompany her nevertheless. Unexpectedly, she loved the wraps, and how they looked on her nails. Even more so, she loved the way they made her feel: partly from within, but also from the complements from others. Over time, she chose brighter and funkier designs – even more unexpected!

Shortly after, the same friend asked if she’d accompany her to Slimming World. Her friend was keen to lose some weight and thought that Pam may also be interested. Initially she declined the offer, but when asked another time, she decided to go along. After all, what did she have to lose?

Pam felt instantly welcomed by the group and supported by the Slimming World consultant and the other members. She loved the simplicity and philosophy (more a lifestyle than a diet) and following her new regime soon became second nature. Over an initial period of six months, she easily reached her target weight and dream of wearing a shift dress to work.

A further six months on Pam has lost a little more weight and, quite frankly, looks amazing – not to mention youthful. Having only met her post weight loss, it’s hard to imagine her any other way, but she does carry photos around as a reminder, and proudly shows where she has come from.


Pam told me about the various benefits she feels, having slimmed down. There are some obvious physical ones, but also some important psychological ones.

Physical benefits

Health benefits

In contrast to before, Pam is now ‘medicine free’ and has lots of energy and vitality.


Not only did she reach her target of wearing a shift dress to work, she now has a range of them and wears them most days. Once happy to fade into the background, she now accessorises with brightly coloured shoes, bags etc.

On the occasions I’ve met her, she has looked ‘neat’ and comfortable in her skin.


To accompany the healthier eating habits, Pam also started to exercise. She walks a lot – ensuring she gets her minimum 10,000 daily steps in, regardless of work and other commitments. She’s also recently started cycling again after 30 years!

Psychological benefits

Several things jump out at me from talking to Pam – her passion, pride and positivity.

Passion – Pam speaks with such passion about her weight loss journey and her new lease of life. This has influenced other work colleagues to give it a go.

Pride – she is immensely proud of what she has achieved, over a short space of time and with relative ease. And so, she should be – she has really taken control of different aspects of her life.

Positivity – Pam is now open to new experiences and believes anything is possible. She often starts her day by looking at motivational quotes on Pinterest and keeps these for future reference or shares with others.


13 things I’ve learned from Pam

1. Anything is possible
2. Having a positive mindset is key
3. The desire for change needs to come from within
4. Others can be useful for support and to hold you accountable
5. The time for change needs to be right
6. Lifestyle changes are much more sustainable than any quick fix changes
7. Health can be something we take for granted – whether good or poor – but can be changed
8. Habits can be redefined
9. Not selfish, just attending to her own needs so she can better help those around her
10. Getting started can be the hardest thing, but can quickly give benefits
11. It’s not about losing weight, but rather making the choice to get rid of it
12. If you go off track, it’s only yourself you’re cheating
13. But, ditch the guilt! We all slip at times but the key is to get right back on track – leave the guilt behind where it can’t hurt you



We are all getting older and are each on our own ageing journey. One of Pam’s biggest successes has been to lose weight – or rather choosing to get rid of it. She has gained huge physical and psychological benefits in a relatively short space of time, which stands her in great stead for the rest of her life. I’m intrigued to see where she may go from here with her new-found energy, vitality, passion and positivity. Anything, really is possible!


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