Melanie sitting crossed legged in the garden

Time out

I’m not sure the last time I felt this relaxed. It’s Good Friday afternoon and we’re sat in my dad’s garden in Devon. The sun is uncharacteristically warm for the time of year. The sounds of different birds can be heard all around. A gentle breeze is blowing. It is quintessentially English and, quite simply, delightful.

I’m sat with my husband and daughter. We’re all reading peacefully, in our own worlds. My son is off chopping wood with my dad somewhere, fortunately out of earshot.

Early birds

This morning we rose early to beat the traffic: it can be hellish travelling anywhere on a Bank Holiday and the South West of England always attracts its fair share of visitors. Arriving in good time, we’ve been blessed with a relaxing ‘free day’!

It feels blissful not having plans, for once. Not needing to be anywhere. No real need to do anything…It is also extremely unusual for us.

Lazy summer

This summer, shortly after I leave work, I’m planning to come down here for a few weeks with my kids. This feels luxurious, extravagant even, for someone normally so ‘time poor’. For the first time in my working life (with the exception of maternity leave, which doesn’t count as it’s not a real break) I’m planning to have a month off work.

In reality, I’m not sure how exactly this will pan out. Knowing me, I’m sure I’ll be reading, blogging, posting on social media, making plans etc and possibly catching up with my clients online, but I won’t truly be working. Instead, the main aim is to spend some quality time with my family. I believe this will be an excellent transition between my corporate existence and the next exciting chapter of my life!

Sound tempting, anyone?!

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