As a qualified coach I pride myself with delivering a constantly high Age Life Balance service, but don’t just take my word for it…

Margaret, London Face to face & Phone
“I approached Melanie about her coaching services after reading one of her blogs on LinkedIn. We were distant colleagues who had originally met through internal leadership training sessions. During those courses, Melanie always made insightful, practical and down to earth contributions to those sessions so I was confident she would make an effective coach. Our coaching sessions helped me expand my professional network very quickly by building confidence, momentum, accountability and structure to kickstart my international job search.”
Michelle, Peterborough Face to face & Phone
“Melanie’s coaching helped me to recognise what my main focus was at the time of our first session, quickly ascertaining my key objectives and to set myself a plan with deadlines to achieve them.

She pushed me to identify the resources I had available and in doing so I was able to set myself an achievable project plan with key milestones.

The segmentation of my plan made it easier to work one step at a time and I was successful in achieving my goal”

Emily, Peterborough Face to face
“During our coaching sessions, we have approached a wide range of topics – from getting organised at home through to how to deal with difficult conversations with a line manager, and even challenging limiting beliefs. Whilst these may seem unrelated to an external observer, each of these elements has been instrumental in achieving the level of life satisfaction and contentedness that I am now experiencing.

Each time I tackle a topic during coaching, my confidence in my ability to achieve other goals grows. It has heightened my awareness of my inner resources, skills and experience, and increasingly I can identify ways in which I can use these resources to address development needs in other areas of my life.

Throughout our coaching relationship, you have always stayed true to my agenda – giving me space to work through my own thoughts and feelings on a particular topic, and asking purposeful questions to help me gain deeper insight. Even when I have been touching on difficult, emotional, or seemingly irrational thoughts, you have remained completely non-judgemental and given me the freedom to access my inner wisdom to come up with solutions to my own challenges.

It feels almost trite to state that this is life changing stuff, but it really is. I am thankful for this opportunity to play a part in your learning journey, and for the top-notch coaching! I have little doubt that you will go on to positively impact the lives of all of your current and future clients.”

Christina, Peterborough Face to face
“After yet another unsuccessful internal job application and struggling with my AAT studies, Melanie kindly offered me some coaching which I was very grateful for to receive. As I needed help to get back on track with my study as I really struggled with the work/life and study balance and I really wanted to finish what I had started.

I have found those coaching sessions very beneficial for me, as it has helped me to have a more positive approach to my current studies and I ultimately completed my AAT level 3, which was a huge challenge for me.

To see and to realise that every task/issue can be broken down (What is my Goal, What resources do I have to reach the goal and then prioritise to achieve your goal) made me realise it’s not so hard and scary to reach the end of the task. It is just simple planning and sticking to it.

I have very much enjoyed these coaching sessions with Melanie and I will continue using these skills I have learned in my daily tasks and in the future.”

Colin, London Face to face & Phone
“I have found the coaching sessions with Melanie to be extremely helpful. Identifying the goals in the first place was a great step forward for me because we worked into some of the root causes for some of the issues I wanted to address. The goals were specific enough to frame the rest of the conversations into actionable next steps.

The coaching Melanie gave during those sessions was great, as we explored the options and routes to achieving those goals. It was clearly structured but Melanie guided the session and questions in a very conversational style meaning the dialogue flowed well without feeling stilted or scripted.

Looking back, I wasn’t sure what I expected from the initial sessions, but now I look forward to them and also how I feel afterwards. I find that Melanie helps me clarify my goals and most importantly, how I can take actionable steps against completing them. At the end of the sessions I feel enthused about taking the actions because its clear to me how they’ll help me achieve my goals.”

Amin, LondonPhone
“The coaching sessions helped me in the following ways:

Take a step back and revisit the driver behind what I am trying to achieve and align them with my long-term objectives.
Validate my assumptions around things that are in my control and that are not.
Raise my awareness about the importance (mainly to me, not to other people such as family members and colleagues) of the activities I am doing
Review my operational values and motivations.
Finally the sessions helped me to slow down and let some of the less important things in my life happily”

Judi, Peterborough Face to face
“I have enjoyed my sessions with Melanie. She is a confident, capable person who organises her work very well.

I think the greatest benefit for me is that I have been able to focus my mind on subjects that have needed addressing. And in so doing, I have taken steps to resolve quite a number of issues. “





Age Life Balance can guide you. I will enable & empower you to achieve all of your ageing dreams, by teaching you the tools to take control of your own ageing destiny.