We took the plunge and haven’t looked back!

Christmas 2013 saw us take what could only be described as a huge leap of faith.  We exchanged the relative comfort and financial security of our ‘jobs for life’ (serving in the Armed Forces) and embarked upon an entirely new self-employed future.  Four years on and we have absolutely no regrets.

We’d long yearned to get away from the myriad pressures of being employed by someone else.  Whilst there are many advantages of serving in the Military, it also has unique burdens such as never quite knowing where, when or what the next call of duty might be and having a complete lack of control over what the future holds.  We had good ideas of what we would like to do ‘some day’, but it took courage to finally make the decision to actually go and do it.

For us, ‘some day’ arrived when we spotted for sale a former Victorian railway station sat in its own land with outbuildings in a beautiful part of south Devon.  We immediately recognised that the location, character and history of the buildings were ideal for our self-employed future: running a successful self-catering holiday business from home.  We converted the holiday accommodation ourselves.  The business – www.loddiswellstation.co.uk – now attracts a wide variety of guests and year-round bookings.

We find that we can fit most of our working ‘business hours’ into the time our young children are occupied at school, giving us that precious family time to spend on ourselves.  We are thoroughly enjoying getting actively involved in a wide variety of local voluntary projects, hobbies and activities more commonly associated with full-time ‘retirement’.  In making the time to stand and stare at nature and the wonderful world around us our lives are much richer for it.

Everyone’s family circumstances and aspirations are different, but we are certainly grateful for the path we have taken and the opportunities it has brought us.  The grass might not always be greener, but it’s good to know it’s our grass and we can cut it however and whenever we like!

Rich & Nikki Curzon