I’ve probably thought to myself countless times how nice it would be if the world just stopped and let me catch up… Well careful what you wish for – that time is here and now!

I’m typically both busy and active, so I’ll definitely need to find ways to maintain these, amongst other things that need doing at this time.

Read below how I plan to make the best use of my time. Hopefully there’re some ideas here for you too.


Firstly, making the most of the time that we’ re able to spend with together. In our case, this is me, my husband and our two school age kids. This can seem intense at times, but we’re looking for ways to adapt to the new routines we find ourselves in.

Taking the opportunity to connect with others. This is increasingly online or over the phone versus in person due to the current social-distancing. Calls to our parents have become more frequent in recent times, for example.

I’ve met some new people due to new online business forums that have been set up. These probably won’t be the only ones. Who knows where any of these new relationships could lead?!

Keeping fit

While we’re still allowed to get outside, we’re doing our best to do so. We went on two longer walks this weekend as a family and have also been out most evenings lately for a walk after dinner. It helps being all together now we’re working and schooling from home, as well as the normal clubs being cancelled. We’ll look to continue this habit as long as we are still allowed to go out. The guidance and rules seem to change daily.

Keeping fit

We’re trying to encourage the children to play outside in the garden while they can. We had a session earlier with hula hoops, a skipping rope and a netball. Once we are constrained to the house, we’ve got countless exercise DVDs, a mini-trampoline and a bike set up that 3 of us can use with a little adjustment. Thank goodness we’ve slowly collected these things over the years!


We’re all trying to do something creative each day, although the definition of creative differs greatly by person.

My husband is into photography and is always looking at photography websites & forums, or editing photos he’s taken.

My daughter is a great artist and goes through periods where she draws a lot. This is a perfect opportunity for her.

My son prefers creating things online e.g. via Minecraft and it’s different offspins.

Both kids also love coding and can still be tempted to play with Lego every now and again.

I like exercising my creativity through writing (of which this is another example) and cooking. I’m currently enjoying the challenge of planning meals and getting creative in the kitchen. Let’s see how this one plays out as our resources become scarcer…



Our weeks are normally so busy with work, school and extracurricular activities, that it is nice to spend more time at home, though enforced, rather than by choice. We’re periodically taking the opportunity to do some tidying, decluttering, gardening and DIY. My husband is painting a wall as I write this.

I may also indulge in some spring cleaning at some point, but I think there’s a way to go before I get that desperate!


Thankfully, the kids are currently fairly motivated to get on with their schoolwork – with home schooling starting this week. Let’s see how this goes!

We’ve also got quite a lot of other educational resources – books, science magazines, academic workbooks etc. I’m sure in some ways they’ll learn more than they do normally, as we’ll look to continue the learning patterns beyond the remaining week or so until the start of the Easter holidays.

I am enjoying actually reading some of the many books I’ve amassed over the last few years. Amazon has a lot to answer for, but at least I’ll get a chance to catch up a little now.

I’m also hope to learn some new skills online e.g. how to use YouTube and editing videos etc.

My husband is looking forward to learning new skills, he never quite gets around to with his busy job and travel. It’s also time for him to rediscover some latent cooking skills.


I am hoping for a little more relaxation over the coming weeks and months. Simply, because we can.

Normally an early riser, I’d like to maintain this habit. But I will be monitoring sleep patterns and making sure we’re getting enough rest. It’s important that we take this golden chance to relax and renew – both physically and mentally.

Modern lives have become crazily busy, so this is a great opportunity to slow everything down and maybe take the time to read, have a bath, play games as a family and even meditate.




Out of nowhere, we suddenly find ourselves in a very surreal situation with potentially a lot more time on our hands. We plan to use this time productively to enjoy the moment, as well as to come out stronger on the other side of it all.

Hopefully some of these ideas resonate with you too.


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