I must admit that I do (and probably always have) lived for the weekends. Whether I’m loving my work or simply grinning & bearing it, I have always benefited from a different pace of life at the weekends.

So, what do I get up to on a typical weekend? Do I even have a typical weekend?

If I’m totally honest, this has probably evolved over time. But there have definitely been some common threads that have followed me throughout my life.

Some of these may sound a little conflicting, but bear with me. 48 hours is a decent amount of time and I’ve stacked up a lot of weekends over time…


Now this is probably a relative term but I generally do rest more at weekends than during the week. This includes mental rest i.e. switching off from work, as well as physical rest. I also try to get a little more sleep at weekends, but this sometimes involves a ‘reverse lie-in’ (going to bed slightly earlier than normal) or setting my alarm just 30 mins later than normal. Any more than that seems to throw everything out come Monday morning….although I can still enjoy the odd late night, every now and again  !



I’m generally pretty active during the week, but this is highly dependent on other commitments. However, I try and step things up a bit at the weekend. In the summer months when I’m generally training for something or other, the weekends are often when I do my longer run, bike ride etc. In the other months, I still try and get out and do something. This may be alone, but could also be involving my kids e.g. walking, scooting, cycling, swimming etc. Rare is the weekend with no activity at all!


I love to provide tasty, healthy and wholesome food for my family – it’s one of my overarching personal objectives. I do my best during the week, but the more I can do at weekend helps me to achieve this. I love batch cooking where possible and use various pieces of kitchen equipment to facilitate this. I also love my freezer!

The weekends are more likely used for preparing comfort food or for trying something new.

This sometimes involves cooking with my kids (or occasionally my husband), but it’s often just me. When preparing dinner, I may well have a G&T or glass of wine on the go – as long as it’s not Dry January, of course!


Seeing friends definitely occupied more of my weekends when I was younger (my friends), and when the kids were younger (family friends). This would still be the case if we weren’t all such busy people!

Note to self, reserve one weekend per month to try and catch-up with friends. It’s definitely way more likely to happen at weekends than in the week, anyway!


We’ve definitely become home-birds more as we’ve got older. This is probably because much of our earlier life was spent in rented and military accommodation. Sometimes, we’re proactively doing stuff to the house e.g. tidying, spring cleaning or DIY. Often, we’re just enjoying the space we’ve created for ourselves, that we merely inhabit during the week.


As you probably know from other blogs, I am a planner. Sundays are typically when I do my short- term tactical planning for the week – my personal and work commitments, the kids’ activities, my exercise plan and meal planning. This also extends to uniform & other clothes planning and preparation, so we’re ready to hit the ground running come Monday morning.


We try and do something fun each weekend. This could be watching a film, playing games, going to a fun park etc. Life is too short not to have a little fun along the way!



So, there you have it, a little peek into what I get up to at the weekends, with my family.

Overall, it’s a chance to step off the merry-go-round. Time to recover from the previous week, enjoy quality time at home and/or with friends and family, and an opportunity to plan and prepare for the weeks to come.

Do you also live for the weekends? What are your favourite activities?


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