I’m writing this post with several days of January still to go, but I’m pretty confident that I’ll achieve my January goals. Funnily enough, I’m only just getting around to writing down my 2020 goals.

Normally, come January 1st, I’ve already planned and listed out all my goals for the year. For the last X years, these have been recorded in my pink notebook, kept by my bed. Those that know me well are probably wondering how I ended up with a pink notebook (and not a blue one) – this was a gift several years back from a dear yogi friend!

My January goals

So “What are your January goals?”, I hear you ask. And why just for January?

These are pretty straightforward as I’ve done them for the last few years:

  • Meat-free
  • No tea & coffee
  • Alcohol-free

I don’t follow diets, but I do benefit from a January detox to flush out the excesses from Christmas. In years gone by, I’ve tried juicing and other detoxes. These are great, but can sometimes involve a lot of time, effort and money. My detox is very simple to do, feels good and can actually save me money!

Meat-free January

I love doing this and I actually look forward to January for this very reason. At this point, I could quite happily never eat meat again. However, we all eat dinner together and I like to set a good example for my kids in terms of relationships with food. I also believe that our bodies might just benefit from eating a small amount of meat, but that’s a whole other discussion that I won’t get into now.

So, for one month I have followed a kind of vegetarian diet, peppered with some vegan and pescatarian recipes to add to the mix. My family are very versatile eaters and many of these recipes feature within our regular mix anyway. We probably only eat meat at home around 2 days a week anyway.

What I’m particularly proud of is that we’ve not actually repeated any of the meals yet and we’re only a few days from the end of the month. That means we (I) have more than 50 meat-free recipes in our repertoire.  I’d say nearly all of these have been eaten most heartily by Family Coeshott – I think they’d all relish a bit of meat soon though.

Meat-free January

Do I feel better? Yes. Morally and resourcefully, definitely. Health wise? I think doing any kind of detox at this time of year can be beneficial, after all the excess. My knees do feel slightly achy, but I don’t know if that has anything to do with what I’ve been eating or if it’s just the cold, damp weather.

No tea & coffee

OK, this is a bit of a strange one. I don’t drink regular tea and coffee in January, but I am allowed limited green/white tea and as much herbal tea as I can drink. This is partly to reduce my caffeine intake (and help me sleep better) and partly to aid the detox process.

I don’t drink an excessive amount of caffeine anyway, typically limiting myself to one cup in the morning and one in the afternoon. But it does kind of help me through the day….

Normally, I love a nice strong cup of tea, preferably of the Yorkshire variety, but I’ve rekindled my love of green tea this month. I feel somewhat cleansed in body and palette.

No tea & coffee

Am I looking forward to a proper cuppa? I won’t lie, I will probably have one on Saturday, but I can’t say I’ve been craving one. And I’ll also have to slowly introduce tea and stick to mornings only, as I am pretty sensitive to caffeine.


I’ve tried to have one alcohol-free month per year for as long as I can remember. It used to be in the run up to a sporting event such as a half marathon. But I must have realised somewhere along the way that January was the easiest month, following the Christmas season when having a drink becomes the norm rather than the exception. I started this habit before Dry January was a thing, or at least before I’d heard of it.

I’m not a huge drinker (I’m not a huge person, so it doesn’t take much) but I’ll admit I enjoy a drink, or two, a couple of days a week. It’s often one of the only times that my husband and I get together, either when preparing dinner or later on when the kids are in bed.

Have I missed it? Not really, although there have been a couple of occasions where a drink would have been nice.

Has my husband missed it? Yes, he doesn’t like to drink alone, so although he’s not been following Dry January, he hasn’t drunk much at all. Sorry!

Roll on Saturday though…now, how shall I celebrate? With a nice glass of red, a G&T or a Baileys – we’ve still got plenty left over from Christmas!


We’re fast approaching the end of January and the completion of my January goals!

I love this time of year for the opportunity to reset mind and body following the seasonal excesses. I always surprise myself at how creative I can be in the kitchen and how easy it can be to achieve goals with a little discipline and planning.

Roll on Saturday, when my family will be ‘treated’ to homemade chicken soup and I’ll enjoy a nice cup of tea, as well as something stronger to help me sleep!


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