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Maybe I’m unusual but I often think about retiring and growing old. Not in a morbid way, but more around all the things I plan to do with my life when I eventually have more time. In fact, I don’t just think about it – I visualise it.

Age Life Balance

I see myself walking in the countryside: sometimes alone or with others, sometimes with a dog. I see myself bustling around my kitchen cooking wholesome meals and treats for those near and dear. I also see myself enjoying being part of a wider community into later life. Although I can visualise these clearly, I now know that this is not easy to articulate.

I wonder how many of you have a vision of your own future – however this may look. This is obviously something completely personal and your vision could look similar or very different to mine.

Lately I’ve been thinking about this more and more, partly as I’m not getting any younger (are any of us?!), but also in light of the ageing global population and the pension and health care crisis in many developed countries which are frequently brought to our attention via the media. As I’m a pretty pragmatic person, I don’t plan to leave my future to chance if there is any way I can help it, so I’ve started to ask myself some questions.

How can I ensure that I’ll have the health, fitness, finances and relationships to support my vision?

I don’t have a crystal ball and no-one can foresee serious illness or freak fatal accidents, but putting these aside, is there anything that I can do today to influence my future life?

Well, I’m an optimist and I believe that I can influence my future to enable me to achieve what I set out to, especially given the years I have ahead of me. In fact, I believe that most people can positively influence their own lives with the right knowledge and insight, whenever they turn their mind to it.

I believe that with a combination of personal vision, some lessons learned from older generations and experts in various fields such as health, fitness, financial planning etc., we can all make some long-lasting positive life changes. If we can share and learn from others along the way then this can only multiply the positive impact and enable others to benefit too.

Via the Age Life Balance blog, I intend to explore a range of topics which will help us all target a better holistic future, or at least give us food for thought. This is something that I’ve become increasingly interested and passionate about and I hope this will come through in my writing. I aim to introduce the following topics at a high-level before delving into them in more detail over future blogs:

You can learn more about me here. I’d love to hear about your own future visions, or aspirations, and any topics that you’d be interested to learn more about.


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