About me

I’m a fortysomething working mother of two, based in the UK. I’ve been interested in health and fitness for over 20 years – maintaining a mostly balanced diet and exercising as my busy schedule permits.

Having turned 40 a few years back, I have become increasingly interested in the ageing process, primarily my own, but also that of others around me. I am intrigued by the different rates at which people age and am fascinated as to how some reach a ripe old age with minimal signs of ageing or apparent changes to their lives. So, what are their secrets and can I benefit from them too?

Another completely different interest of mine is financial management, which is closer to my profession as an accountant. As I creep closer to retirement age (I’m probably about half way through my working life) I have been thinking more about my long-term financial security and trying to understand

  1. how it may ultimately work out? and
  2. what can I try to do to enhance it?

I have never aspired to be rich, but being comfortable in my later years doesn’t seem like an unreasonable goal.

I also love to inspire people and help them out if I can. I try to do this, often sub-consciously, at work as well as in my personal life.

So, these three threads combined have got me thinking much more holistically about ageing and how we could probably learn more from older people and experts alike about how to improve our chance of a healthier and wealthier old age. This is especially important given the socio-economic trends of an ageing (and longer-living) global population with imminent crises in pension funding, healthcare and social care in many developed countries. The media is full of such stories on a daily basis, yet there seem to be only small pockets of work and research trying to proactively address these issues.

I don’t have all the answers today, and who knows if I ever will, but I’m planning to increase my knowledge to improve my own Age Life Balance in the hope that I live to a good age, with personal fulfilment and financial security to boot. I hope that I can inspire you, and others, to join me on the journey.