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  1. Helen says:

    Really interesting to see the survey results. How brilliant for those expecting to live to 100- like you say it would be great to hear more from these respondents. I wonder to what extent our expectations of how long we’ll live affect how we live now & the choices we make. Thanks for sharing!

    • Agenista Admin says:

      Thanks Helen. I’m glad you also found it interesting. I’ll see if I can find out anything more about those respondents to give me some clues!

  2. Rita Pay says:

    Interesting indeed, and well presented, but can you please tell us something about how you obtained your sample respondents, and how they compare with the population as a whole in terms of age, social class etc. ? Were they a random sample? Apologies if you’ve already explained this somewhere.

    • Agenista Admin says:

      Thanks Rita. Alas, I’m not sure how my sample compares with the overall population. The population is somewhat distorted, in that I sent this out to 200+ friends, family members and acquaintances who I thought might be interested and willing to respond. As the survey was anonymous I have no way of telling who actually completed it. The survey was only intended to be indicative at best, rather than being a true representation of the wider population. I hope that helps!

  3. Mel's friend says:

    I was one of the outliers who said 100+. Reaching 100 or pretty close to it is genetic . I’m halfway there and I’ve already had had thyroid cancer, so statistically I have a greater risk of developing a secondary cancer down the road. Sometimes I ask myself why I live my life and save for retirement based on the assumption that I’ll live to be 100, when I’m more likely to become a victim of a chemically toxic environment well before then. I just hope to stay healthy and mentally fit for as long as possible!

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