Youthfulness Intro – its relevance to successful ageing

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7 Responses

  1. Bekkie Webb says:

    Why do we need to look young and disguise our age? Let’s embrace ageing and the wisdom & maturity that comes with it, and value it, not be ashamed by it!

    • Agenista Admin says:

      Thanks Bekkie – I love your honest response. Indeed we should each embrace ageing in our own way and not feel compelled to act in a certain way by culture, or the media or other people.

  2. Christine says:

    Ha ha and Hoola Hooping 😘
    On a personal note dancing in my lounge or socialising with the girls makes me feel young and attractive. Its also a great form of exercise.
    Even though I have conditions preventing me from gym exercise, on good days the music goes up and I have a LITTLE dance in the lounge. Although I suffer for it the next day, in that brief moment I wiggle my bottom and stretch my arms I feel a huge sense of achievement.
    A small step closer to strengthening my muscles and even better an inner sense of joy, satisfaction and I regain the twinkle in my eye. My mindset changes and I see myself differently in the mirror, a younger, fitter me.
    I am a firm believer, keeping the Twinkle goes a long way to feeling and appearing youthful. No matter what is going on in your life at any age, you must always strive to do the things that make you happy. If you are happy, it shows on the outside xx

    • Agenista Admin says:

      Thanks Christine – and yes, hoola hooping also makes me feel childish;-)

      The thought of you dancing around your lounge brings a smile to my face. I hope the good days triumph over the harder days soon…

  3. Judi Finnegan says:

    Another interesting article. Well done Mel.

  4. Helen Castle says:

    Great article. Getting a dog ( a hyper active Vizsla for a very active family!) last year has been great for the whole family. We walk an hour before work/ school and an hour in the afternoon. The routine is never a chore. We run or walk (off road). Family walks through the woods and stream with various wildlife apps / books and generally larking about! Our six year old never seems to get bored or fed up. Laughter and exercise will keep us young, and will install a healthy lifestyle for our son.

    I always pop on a sports bra for the various parties my son attends! Just in case I can have a go or assist! Football, trampolining, gym, roller skating…. My husband and I also help coach twenty 5/6 year olds. Helps us give something back into the community and more exercise without realising it.

    Love life!

    • Agenista Admin says:

      This sounds wonderful Helen, I’m glad you are all enjoying having a dog. Indeed, “love life” is a great motto too!

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