Is it just me, or do you have any guilty pleasures?

Is it normal to find pleasure in things that maybe we ‘shouldn’t’? Sometimes the ‘guilt’ associated with this comes from being something a little bit out of the norm, maybe a little unusual or weird. Alternatively, it may also come from feeling a sense of guilt for actually enjoying it!

I bare all below in sharing some of my own guilty pleasures with you.


What is a guilty pleasure?

I started out this blog with the intention of writing about guilty pleasures, but I’m not sure that my own definition quite matches the dictionary definition.


guilty pleasure


something, such as a film, television programme, or piece of music, that one enjoys despite feeling that it is not generally held in high regard.


For me, a guilty pleasure involves deriving some pleasure out of something with some sense of guilt attached, either as not generally well considered or because I feel guilty that I should be using my precious resources (time or money) in this way.


My top 10 guilty pleasures

  1. Solitude

A walk by myself is often the best medicine if I need a break, need some exercise or just want some quality thinking time.


  1. Early mornings

I love getting up before everyone else and enjoying the peace and productivity of an early morning alone. Exercising first thing also sits in this camp.


  1. Me time

Taking a little time every day for me – often involving movement e.g. exercise, meditation, walk, or completing my gratitude diary.


  1. Taking a bath

This always feels so indulgent which is probably why I don’t do it as often as I’d like. But sometimes I just feel the urge to relax in a deep, warm bath with a book. More often than not, this happens when I’m staying in a hotel rather than at home.


  1. Finding a bargain

Who doesn’t love a bargain? This guilty pleasure includes browsing in charity shops – I’ve found many a favourite item when I least expect it. This also extends to finding money, either on the ground or my own that I’d forgotten – free cash!


  1. Periodic pamper

This includes massages and facials, and in fact any occasion I get to lie on any kind of therapist’s couch and put my feet up. Bliss.


  1. Chocolate

I’m not a huge chocolate eater, but I occasionally indulge in a square of dark chocolate or a single chocolate. Chocolate is highly addictive (and I don’t cope well with sugar crashes), but the odd piece now and again sometimes just staves further cravings.


  1. Small tipple

Be this a G&T when I’m cooking, a well-earned drink on a Friday night or a late-night glass of wine with my husband once the kids are asleep. Popular to contrary belief, I am not a big drinker – but I will admit that I do enjoy a drink. I don’t have many vices, so I think I’m OK keeping this one.


  1. The healing properties of tea

I’ll admit, I don’t really get the obsession of coffee, but I do love a good cup of tea: strong, with just a splash of milk. I’m not a big fan of disposable cups and I prefer a nice china mug. Out of a tea pot is generally best. My love of tea extends to all manner of loose-leaf teas and infusions. My current favourites are Yorkshire tea and fresh peppermint in my teapot for one.


  1. Cooking

I love cooking, but recognise that there’s a big difference between cooking for pleasure (weekends, new recipes, cooking for guests etc.) versus trying to bang out something edible before having to taxi off for the kids’ evening activities on a school night. I love browsing through recipe books, imagining future tasty meals. I may even have been known to lick the spoon or scrape the dish afterwards – chefs’ reward!



So, there you have it, you now know my guilty pleasures.

I feel like I’ve been somewhat exposed: with this article weirdly revealing more about me than many of the others put together. But, do you know what? I feel some kind of relief in this too…I am being authentic and bold enough to admit it. We are all unique, after all, and should be proud of who we are. And if we can pepper our lives with a little pleasure here and there, then that’s surely not a bad thing….

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So, tell me. What are your guilty pleasures?


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