Gave it all up for laughs – Emily Baum

For ten years I focused on gaining ground within the competitive world of financial services, even with a poor grade in Maths GCSE. However it took six family members dying to give me the wake up call I needed.

When we adopted my daughter I became a stay at home parent for the first six years. As a means to make money during that time I took some consulting work on an investors magazine. Turned out I quite enjoyed it and ended up making a career out of a niche element of financial services known as prepaid. I loved building projects and delivering them, and got into a regular pattern of promotion being head hunted on several occasions by competing companies. Finally I got to my goal of working for MasterCard.

Everyone who was at Prior’s Field with me will tell you I was a bit of a joker, and playing Bottom in Midsummer Nights Dream ignited a love of making people laugh. After my Mother died in March 2016 my greatest audience had disappeared and I finally realised being serious all day and playing political games in a competitive work environment, was not for me. I realised I wanted to go back to stand up and go back to performing. I had so much more to say now and if I didn’t try I would never know.

In early August 2017 I handed my notice in at MasterCard with nothing but excitement and a handful of gigs under my belt. I am now navigating my way round the very different world of comedy with a new lease of life. I have no idea whether this will be a fairy tale or a horror story, but I know I am having fun finding out. Shoot for the moon, who knows you might end up a star.

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