Women taking a leap

Following my dreams

I’ve got some great news to share with you…I’m following my dreams!

You probably already had a sense of this if you’ve been following me via Age Life Balance and/ or Blue Diamond. But last week I hit a big milestone – I’ve gave notice to leave my job!

Having worked in corporate roles for over 20 years, I’m approximately half way through my working life. I’ve broadly enjoyed this time, with the challenges and opportunities embraced, but I realised that my sense of engagement and motivation had been waning. For the next 20 odd years I expect to work, I want to do something I feel really passionate about…!


My why

Turn back the clock several years and I got the idea for Age Life Balance. At a similar time, I followed a very inspiring training course (Happenista), which included a complimentary coaching session. It was this through this that I became inspired to become a coach. I was partly attracted by the desire to help and develop others, but also as a source of income to support my Age Life Balance vision and mission.

Age Life Balance empowers mid-lifers to take control of their lives from an ageing perspective.

Then, while doing some research for an Age Life Balance blog last year, I had a Eureka moment – and Age Life Balance’s sister brand Blue Diamond was conceived!

Blue Diamond empowers mid-lifers to take control of their lives from a work perspective.


Here I am

Two years on from the beginning of my coaching journey, I’ve attained 3 coaching diplomas (distinctions no less), an NLP practitioner qualification and have clocked up over 250 coaching sessions, with a trail of happy clients.  I’ve also run a number of successful workshops and have more planned. Not bad going….even if I say so myself!

I’m now ready to take the plunge of running my own business full time!

This is immensely exciting and scary in equal measure.

I know this is going to be hard work – this is not taking the easy option.

I appreciate there will be challenges ahead – but I will address and overcome them.

I am resourceful and resilient.

I believe in myself and my mission!


Spreading the news

Starting to share my news this week has been momentous for me. In addition to being in my profession for 22 years, I’ve spent 14 of them in my current organisation. I have built up some amazing relationships during this time.

Everyone so far has been truly supportive. Some have been surprised, others less so. I’ve even received a few emotional responses, which has been very touching.

“You are bold!”

“You’re so brave!”

“I really admire you!”

“I’m quite envious!”

“You are inspirational!”

“I know you’ll make a success of it!”

The entrepreneurial community I’ve become part of over the last 18 months has also been really encouraging and supportive. Many of these people have also made the leap to follow their dreams at some point along the way, and haven’t looked back.


Why am I telling you?

I’m hoping that by sharing my own story, that this can inspire you. I believe we all have more options and choices than we might think we do, especially at the outset. Yet many of us feel stuck in our current situtaions.

As per my Is this really it? Article, this is not uncommon.

If you are looking to do something more but not sure that leaping is for you, there are many people doing great things alongside their “day jobs”. I know some that do this permanently or as a stepping stone to something new. Options are numerous and varied including networking marketing, building up valuable new skills, harnessing existing ones or tapping into a niche market etc.


Need some support?

I mentioned above that Blue Diamond empower mid-lifers to take control of their lives from a work perspective.

As a coach, I can coach most people on most topics. Coaches don’t give advice and are not the expert in their client’s lives. Rather they hold up a mirror to the client and empower them to move forward.

I’m looking to help other ‘mid-lifers’ (approx. 35-60 years) to find more purpose and passion in their lives, specifically around their work.

If this is something you could do with some help on, get in touch and we can arrange a chat.



Last week I gave notice on my job – after almost 14 years with my current employer & 22 years in my profession – to follow my dream of running my own business. This is immensely exciting and scary, in equal measure. I also feel truly liberated. I look forward to the time ahead, forging my way and serving my clients.

With the next 20 or so years of work ahead of me, I can’t wait to start this exciting new chapter of my life!


Thank you for reading! For more on Age Life Balance, browse the blog at www.agelifebalance.com to find out  more.