‘Finding a tribe’  – a sense of belonging – can be important.

While sometimes it’s great to forge ahead on your own, following your own path, it can also be comforting to know you’re not totally barking up the wrong tree.

For the first year after I launched Age Life Balance, I was in a comparatively lonely space. I was attracting people to read my articles , although it would always be nice if more people read and commented! I was also spreading the wording through the connections I was making through networking. People seemed to ‘get’ my message and what I was trying to do – but it was fairly slow burn. I did wonder if there was really a need, a ‘niche’, for my offering.

Since then, I’m pleased to say that things have definitely picked up. I also now know that I’m not alone. I’ve come across a number of people with similar initiatives to Age Life Balance in the ‘successful ageing’ space. Most of us are significantly different in nature and/or geography to not step on each other’s toes. This allows space for collaboration and mutual support.  In this respect I feel like I’ve found my ‘tribe’ through these like-minded women!

Some I’ve already collaborated with and others are in discussion phase, but I wanted to share these with you below to help build them up a little. Click on the sub-titles below for their links.


Aging with Vitality

Anita Duwel – the founder of Love the Life You Live! and Aging with Vitality! – is a Canadian blogger, Certified Holistic Nutrition Coach and Workplace Wellness Consultant.

She has made it her mission in life to help others via support, motivation, inspiration, and sharing of experiences and knowledge to live a life of quality and vitality. She is a firm believer that in order to to achieve optimal health, you need to incorporate strategies for body, mind, and spirit.  It is having all three working in synergy that will have you feeling your best!

Anita and I also met through Facebook. Having seen that we share some common interests, we arranged a chat and agreed to do some guest blogs for each other. We already did one swap back in March – see Those Darn Hormones and we have another one planned for next week!



A Holistic Approach to Healthy Ageing: Nutrition, Relaxation, Exercise, Mindset

Vitalise4life is run by Lesley Anwar and Jane Sedgley. They are passionately committed to helping you achieve a healthy future in a holistic way. In essence our programmes encompass nutrition, relaxation, exercise and mindset through intimate meetings at their relaxing venue.

They offer:

  • one to one lifestyle consultations
  • regular educational email posts
  • advice and support re exercise and mindset
  • tasty recipes
  • samples
  • help with food choices
  • exceptional quality nutritional boosters from Synergy

I met Jane at a networking event at the beginning of the year and she introduced me to Lesley. We’ve had a couple of discussions and we plan to collaborate further later in the year. Watch this space!


Floresco Fitness

Founder Bev Thorogood is a Midlife Transition Coach, on a mission to help women over 40 to take control of their health and wellness through sustainable, achievable and enjoyable lifestyle changes.

She helps women to find balance in mind, body and spirit using her proprietary NEST Framework to teach clients how to incorporate healthier habits gradually and consistently and to overcome some of the barriers stopping them reaching their full potential.

In addition, she’s a freelance Menopause in the Workplace Trainer, helping businesses and organisations to support their female workforce through workshops and seminars to raise awareness and debunk some misconceptions about this natural phase in a woman’s lifecycle.

I’d met Bev online through Facebook and we’ve since met face to face at a couple of events. We’ve nothing formal planned yet, but we’re sure to get something in the diary!



Alluring, inspirational and vivacious Sazz Wanogho-Maud is the founder of 2ndSpring, a movement of women 50+ . “Age is an Attitude” is a key theme.

2ndSpring’s mission includes the following:

  • To be frank about change at 50+, to share Sazz’s journey, pass on the life experiences that she had discovered from the struggles, disappointments and losses.
  • To engage women with conversation and encourage them to explore where there were and who they want to be and what this time of life looks like “it’s about redefining life after 50, about being a mature woman living in today’s world, be adventurous, take risks, start that business you’ve always wanted to, book the long-awaited cruise, LIVE.”
  • To be a platform for women 50+ to share the Best of everything:  because it’s time to get Bolder. We need to get rid of the stereotypes of the more mature women in the world of business and society. Women are hungry for community and support, in all areas of their lives they are looking for help, in relationships, employment, finances, marriages, health and business, a social group, business network or Pilates class with other women.

We were introduced by a mutual connection and whilst we haven’t yet worked together, there are still opportunities to discuss!



Finding my tribe has been an unexpected evolution. I feel proud and privileged to be connected to and associated with these amazing women. Each of us has great vision and is doing something unique and valuable to help spread our positive intentions and messages.

Finding my tribe has both comforted and energised me!

Have you found your tribe yet?


Thank you for reading! For more on Age Life Balance, browse the blog at www.agelifebalance.com to find out  more.