This “Embrace Ageing” guest blog has been written by Anita Duwel, owner of Love the Life You Live and Aging with Vitality and co-owner of Health SAVVY. She’s also one of ‘my tribe‘ that I’m loving being connected with!


Your mind is extraordinary… Put it to good use!

To embrace ageing does not mean that you deny you are getting older but, rather, that you accept it so that you can move forward and live the life you want.  Don’t let a number dictate what you can or can’t do!

Knowledge & Experience

The best part about ageing is that you have the knowledge and life experience to handle situations that arise. You’re not as stressed anymore, you are not bothered by what people think or say about you, and you are more comfortable with who you are as a person.

Wisdom & Freedom

It’s wonderful!  Recognize the wisdom and freedom that can come from ageing and have some fun!

I used to stress about my age and never wanted to tell anyone how old I was!  Now, by embracing it, it has opened up a whole new world. I see life differently and am getting so much more out of it! Now I get to play, to travel, to learn new things, to fly fish with my husband, to hike with my daughter, to play golf with my son, etc. I am truly loving it!

How do you shift your mindset?

Here are a few simple ideas:

Embrace Change

We may have less energy and can’t stay up all night but it doesn’t mean life stops.  Focus on what you can do – believe me there is lots!

Start talking about what you are doing that day

Going for a walk, going for lunch with friends, taking that photography class you always wanted to take, being thankful for what you have.

Focus on the positive

Replace chat with friends about low energy, aching joints, or how you can’t do this or can’t do that.  Focus instead on what you can do. What we believe or tell ourselves will come true!

Age is just a number

Research is showing that individuals who believed this did better on memory tests. Don’t be afraid to take on challenges and learn new things!

Spend time outside

Go for a walk and look at all the beauty that surrounds you. Take in the different smells, feel the wind or the warmth of the sun.  What a great way to lift your spirits and open your mind to the life around you!

Act as if you are 10 or 20 years younger!

This alone will give you a boost of energy.


Embrace Ageing in your way

We’re each on our own ageing journey, and this is not something we can stop or control. Know that when you change your mindset and embrace ageing, you are on your way to a more vibrant life!


Anita Duwel is owner of Love the Life You Live/Aging with Vitalityand co-owner of Health SAVVY. She’s a Holistic Nutrition and Wellness coach, Workplace Wellness Consultant and at the age of 48 became a 3 time world champion! Learn more at