Age Life Balance celebrates 2 year anniversary!

I’m proud to announce that Age Life Balance is celebrating its 2-year anniversary this week!

I’ve successfully posted 104 weekly blogs on a variety of different topics, and as well as different initiatives such as Words of Wisdom, Top Tips for Successful Ageing, and Foods to Help You Age Well.

Many blogs typically last only 3 to 6 months, so to keep going for 2 years, I feel is actually quite an achievement!


My vision and mission through Age Life Balance

My personal hope is to live a long, satisfying, purposeful and financially secure life, and to help others to do the same.

My mission is to inspire and empower mid-lifers to take control of their lives from an ageing perspective.

I hope you can see that the Age Life Balance website clearly supports my vision and mission!


What’s the Backstory?

I’m often asked why I’m so interested in ageing, whilst still being, well…still fairly young in the grand scheme of things.

I’m sure I’ve told this story a hundred times…. but roll back the clock to December 2016. It was a beautifully crisp, bright winter morning, and I was taking my daughter to an activity based in a local ‘holiday village’ where many people have holiday homes. Some more mature people (in their 60s and 70s at a guess) were gathering together for a winter walk. They looked fit and healthy and seemed like they were having fun. They were probably doing OK financially too, based on where they were. I wondered to myself “What have their journeys been, to get where they are today?” And then “How can I have a chance of something similar for myself in my future?”

So, Eureka! The idea for Age Life Balance was born! It helped to bring together many of my interests – health, fitness, nutrition, personal development and financial planning – under one initiative. It also gave me a focus for my passion, which is to help people.


Why do I do it?

To be perfectly transparent, it’s not for money. In fact, I’ve deliberately not made a penny out of the Age Life Balance blog to date: no sponsorship, no commissions, no free gifts! Although I have enjoyed a few complimentary treatments along the way, for review purposes of course, that I’ve then blogged about.

That means, if I promote or endorse something, then I believe in it and rate it. And I really love this sense of independence.  Now this could, of course, change if I received some fantastic sponsorship offer, but it would definitely need to be aligned with my values… and it’s not the aim of this.

Basically, Age Life Balance rewards me in many ways:

  • A voice and a platform – I’m bursting with ideas to share with the world and I have a way to share them
  • Courage and confidence to try new things
  • A place to learn, test and grow in a safe environment
  • Some great lessons in business and life skills – website maintenance and use of various tools and apps
  • A creative outlet – before the launch of Age Life Balance I hadn’t really written for years (except work emails and reports)
  • A channel for my passion
  • Accountability – publicly holding myself to account
  • Find my tribe – it allows me to communicate with friends and family as well as to reach others I’ve not known before. I’ve met new people in my local community and beyond – other people sharing my interest, passion and perspective – including some other bloggers across the world



Like others, I find inspiration for my blogs anywhere and everywhere. Many of my earlier blogs were pretty generic, introducing various topics for discussion.  Over time it’s become more about my personal ageing journey and other things I happen upon along the way. I’m happy to be free to choose what I write about!

We’re all getting older and this is not something we can stop, nor really should try to stop, but we can become more aware about the future – our future – and the implications of some of our daily actions and decisions…

I appreciate that people age in very different ways – even people with similar family genes and backgrounds. This includes my parents and their relatives, my in-laws and other people I know, many of whom are in their 60s and 70s (or older). In fact, even those of my own generation (early forties) are already showing different signs and rates of ageing.

Approximately 25% of the way in which we age is genetic and the other 75% is lifestyle related. I’m not saying everything we do and every decision we take has a direct impact on our later lives, but things have an indirect impact, especially when repeated over time. This does not mean that we will age in the same ways as our parents.

Also, there are various media headlines about the slow-motion social train crashes that we are heading into – a pensions crisis, a social care crisis, a health care crisis, loneliness crisis, obesity and diabetes epidemics, to name a few. Maybe we can do something on an individual or small scale to avoid or beat these? Or, maybe we can contribute to something on a larger scale to mitigate them?



Unfortunately, the Age Life Balance blog doesn’t just magically happen! Each weekly article takes 3-4 hours to create, type, edit, re-edit, find suitable pictures, prepare post, publish and promote, as well as creating social media posts to help promote the site. (I also draft the first version of each post by hand, as I just can’t find my flow as easily when I type!)

Age Life Balance really is a labour of love! I feel compelled to share my thoughts with the world and I’m motivated to continue as long as I feel I have something of interest and value to share.

If at least one person takes on board something I’ve said each week and makes a positive change to their life as a result, then I’m going someway to achieving my goal.

I increasingly meet others who are operating in a similar space or share a similar passion with me. Some have written guest blogs for me and others have provided inspiration and content for blog topics.


What role could you play?

Ultimately, I would like to increase the reach of my message as much as possible.

I want to reach as many people as possible with each post I publish and maximise the number of people reading and engaging in the discussions.

You can definitely help me with this, by doing the following:

  • Sign-up for my weekly blog/newsletters on my website – click the link!
  • Write comments on the Age Life Balance site, underneath any articles that resonate with you – provide comment, encouragement, feedback or even your own story or perspective
  • Follow me on Twitter
  • Like the Age Life Balance FaceBook page
  • Join the FaceBook group
  • Share my FaceBook posts with others – either on your own timeline or sharing with specific friends who may be interested
  • Tell everyone you know about Age Life Balance

For nostalgia, I’m also attaching the Age Life Balance launch post and 1 year anniversary in case you missed them.


And so….

I’m pleased to share the 2-year anniversary of Age Life Balance with you!

I hope to live a long, satisfying, purposeful and financially secure life and to help others to do the same. My mission is to inspire and empower mid-lifers to take control of their lives from an ageing perspective.

I do this via the weekly Age Life Balance blog and other social media postings. Help me to increase my reach as much as possible by signing up, feeding back, liking and sharing, whenever you see something that resonates with you!

Let’s collectively take control of our own ageing journeys!


Thank you for reading! For more on Age Life Balance, browse the blog at www.agelifebalance.com to find out  more.