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Life lessons – Autobiography in five short chapters

How do we learn the biggest life lessons? Through experience, of course. I stumbled across this poem again as I was tidying up some files on my laptop recently. I'm not sure when I'd first come across it, but I'd obviously loved it so much, I'd decided to keep it for another day. Life lessons [...]

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Chiropractic – addressing a pain in the neck

A few months back I published an article called What are you putting up with? It was actually after writing this that I realised that I’d been putting up with something else for a while – neck pain. I initially ‘injured’ myself a couple of years ago. Embarrassingly, I’m not actually sure what I did, [...]

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Aloe Vera benefits for ageing

This article has been written by Carole Cooney, local Property Investor and Lettings Agent and most recently founder of More Energy at 50 Plus or Any Age   Thank you, Melanie, for inviting me to guest write for Age Life Balance! It is an honour, and I hope your readers enjoy some value from my [...]

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13 reasons why I love my new eyes

13 reasons why I love my new eyes It’s been 7 months now since I had corrective eye surgery. Prior to my surgery, I had very poor eyesight and had worn contact lenses for almost 25 years. To say I’ve been impressed since day one is an understatement, but on reflection there are many reasons [...]

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Finance – Inheritance Tax Checklist

This is the first guest blog that I will pepper in among my own articles as we go through the various Age Life Balance topics. Today’s article has been written by Evolution For Women financial advisors. I’ve learned a lot from it and hope that you’ll find it both interesting and useful. Financial - Inheritance [...]

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Work – opportunities for paid work

Work – opportunities for paid work It’s ironic that I’m writing about work on the week that I’m actually on holiday. The first full week I’ve been off since Christmas - Hurrah! It’s given me chance to reflect about work and think about work that I’ve noticed some older people engaging in since I’ve been [...]

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