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20 benefits of garden camping 

We’ve been camping in our garden in recent times. Keen campers when the kids were young, we’ve had less time and desire to do this over the last few years. We’ve not camped this early on in the season for 5 years, but the combination of fine weather and the lockdown tempted us to pitch [...]

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Accessible travel – nothing is impossible

This blog was especially written for Age Life Balance by Audrey Jones of Travel Counsellors, who helps individuals book bespoke holidays. She has a particular interest in helping people with different disabilities find their perfect holiday.   Accessible travel is a growth industry. Travelling the world is possible for everyone, no matter what disability or [...]

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We’re going home

After several weeks of travel, we’re looking forward to going home. My kids and I have been away, visiting friends and family in the SW, since early August. Don’t get me wrong, we’ve had a great time chilling, doing various activities, seeing friends & family, reading, playing games, cooking and eating. But we’ve reached the [...]

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Travel – Getting away from it all

Travel - Getting away from it all I’m drafting this week’s article from a hotel room. As a periodic traveller for business and pleasure, finding myself in a hotel isn’t that uncommon. What is unusual is that I’m away with my husband -  and no kids. We both travel independently from time to time, so [...]

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Travel – The call of the mountains

Travel - The call of the mountains Some people crave sunshine and warmth. I crave the mountains. Fortunately, I’m not alone here and mountain holidays are given priority in our family. Just back from our latest mountain fix, I wanted to share some of my passion for the mountains with you. I begin by sharing [...]

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Travel – holiday planning and preparations

Travel – holiday planning and preparations I don’t know about you, but I love to have events in my diary to look forward to – and holidays are no exception. We generally have an idea of the trips we’re planning over the next 6-12 months and as the dates approach we firm up our plans. [...]

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Travel – do you deserve a holiday?

As we approach peak holiday season, in the northern hemisphere at least, this seems to be a well-timed article – on the subject of holidays. Travel – do you deserve a holiday? Based on some of the comments I received from the travel intro as well as the ageing survey, where some people rated holidays [...]

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Travel intro – keep on moving

Travel intro - keep on moving This week we move onto the topic of Travel, which I plan to examine from three perspectives: holidays, visits, and the process of travel itself. Holidays I’ll start with holidays as this is the most fun aspect (or at least it should be!) If your holidays aren’t enjoyable then maybe there’s [...]

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