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Lasting Power of Attorney – can you afford not to?

It’s been a while since I wrote anything related to Practical Matters within Age Life Balance. Over the next weeks I’ll be publishing several blog posts on the topic of Estate Management. I’m certainly no expert in this field but I’ve been very interested to learn more about it. My blogs have been inspired by [...]

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Balance for Better

Balance for Better In case you hadn’t already heard, Balance for Better (#BalanceforBetter) is the 2019 theme for International Women’s Day which was celebrated globally on Friday 8thMarch. In summary, this is what Balance for Better is all about: “The future is exciting. Let's build a gender-balanced world. Everyone has a part to play - [...]

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Planning to optimise life

Planning to optimise life Last year I posted an article on planning, from a long-term life and ageing journey perspective. I’m a planner by nature, but I need to periodically reassess my plans along the way. This is to ensure I don’t get overwhelmed, as much as to ensure I’m focusing on the rights things [...]

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Reliance on technology

Reliance on technology I’d actually written another article to post this week. We’re away on a well-deserved break (hurrah!) but I’ve forgotten to bring my laptop charger (boo!). It reminds me how reliant on technology many of us have become. While not being able to use my laptop isn’t a huge deal, I now won’t [...]

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Dealing with sudden loss

Dealing with sudden loss Human lives can be fragile. Sometimes with no warning, loved ones can be taken from us. You may have been impacted directly, know others that have been affected or heard stories of celebrities who’ve gone too soon. This article looks the practical side of dealing with the sudden loss of a [...]

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Practical Considerations – Forward Planning

Practicalities – Forward Planning I’m sitting here, writing this article on New Years Day. This is one of my favourite times of the year as it allows me reflect on various parts of my life and to plan how best to move forward into the New Year. I’m not just talking about New Year’s Resolutions, [...]

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Practicalities – couples of different ages

Practicalities – couples of different ages There’s no doubt that the 25-year age gap between French President Emanuel Macron and his glamorous wife has sparked lots of media interest. But they’re not the first well-known couple with a large age gap, and undoubtedly won’t be the last. As this is not something exclusive to the [...]

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Practicalities – Plan B: when things don’t go to plan

Practicalities – Plan B: when things don’t go to plan So far, much of Age Life Balance has focused on what we can do to positively influence our ageing journey. I truly believe that there’s mileage in this, being the optimist that I am. However, I am also enough of a realist to appreciate that things [...]

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Practicalities – taking stock

Practicalities – taking stock I expect for some people the mention of practical matters will sound completely logical and rational whilst others may probably want to run and bury their heads in the sand. I encourage you all to read on. First and foremost, I’m going to refer back to my earlier references to Vision and [...]

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