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Age Life Balance – a 4 year milestone

Four years ago this week, I launched Age Life Balance. This was a momentous occasion for me. Rarely have I felt more excited, compelled, anxious and exposed, all mixed-up together. I had become very interested in ageing – my own and that of others in general – and I’d decided to start a blog about [...]

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Why I love to exercise

Continuing in the My relationship with…. series, this article “Why I love to exercise” looks at my relationship with exercise.   I’ve always been a pretty active person, although not necessarily super fit. I’m not the obvious athletic type – being a mere 5ft 2. But since childhood I’ve always practiced a variety of different [...]

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Becoming the grown-up in the relationship

My relationship with my mum Becoming the grown-up As we get older, for many of us the relationships with our parents change. At some point along the way, we stop being the child and become the grown-up instead. I’m not sure at what point this happened with my mum, but I am definitely the grown-up [...]

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5 things I love about Autumn

This is the first of my new series of articles entitled "My relationship with...." - watch this space over the couple months for more ? My relationship with the seasons – Autumn Autumn is here at last! I feel we’ve been blessed with more sunshine than normal this year – it wasn’t just me, was [...]

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