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10 things I’ve learned (or reconfirmed) in 2020

The end of a year is always a good time to reflect on what’s passed. But this year it seems more poignant than ever. I’ve been looking at 10 things I’ve learned (or probably reconfirmed in all honesty) this year. 10 things I’ve learned (or reconfirmed) in 2020 By the way, many of these have [...]

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3 simple ways to build (& sustain) a positive mindset

The clocks have recently gone back and the days are getting increasingly short and gloomy. It’s not to say we won’t see the sun again for months, but it can often feel like this at this time of year! This is possibly going to be one of the most challenging winters we’ve faced (collectively) in [...]

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Finding NEMO for balance during the lockdown

Never has the balance between work and life been so blurred… Following on from my recent article keeping safe & sane during Coronavirus times, I had a brainchild. I had wanted to do something that could inspire and help others. I wanted my message to be simple and clear. I also wanted to ensure I [...]

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January goals – actions speak louder than words

I’m writing this post with several days of January still to go, but I’m pretty confident that I’ll achieve my January goals. Funnily enough, I’m only just getting around to writing down my 2020 goals. Normally, come January 1st, I’ve already planned and listed out all my goals for the year. For the last X [...]

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What are you putting up with?

To a great extent, I believe that that many of us are simply putting up with stuff in our lives. I must admit that this hadn’t even occurred to me until recently. But the more I thought about it, the more things I’ve identified that I’m putting up with. And on further reflection, I see [...]

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Helpful habits for life

I keep thinking I’ve already written about habits, but I’ve probably just mentioned them in a number of other blogs including routines, a week into my new life and smarter working. Habits are an important component of my life and don’t believe I’m alone here. I like to think that I’m a pretty productive individual [...]

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Routines for success & sanity

Routines have been instrumental in helping me juggle my busy life. Two weeks since leaving work and I’m yet to establish a new routine. It probably hasn’t helped that 10 days of this I’ve been touring the SW of England with my kids and staying in 4 different places. Many of us make use of [...]

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Embrace Ageing – mindset is key!

This "Embrace Ageing" guest blog has been written by Anita Duwel, owner of Love the Life You Live and Aging with Vitality and co-owner of Health SAVVY. She's also one of 'my tribe' that I'm loving being connected with!   Your mind is extraordinary… Put it to good use! To embrace ageing does not mean that [...]

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Positivity boost – simple tips to apply everyday

Positivity boost Positivity can be key to our health and our well-being. Our busy modern lives are full of millions of different stimuli – I won’t bamboozle you with the detail, but it is mindboggling.  Despite immense processing power our brains are not sophisticated enough to distinguish between positive and negative, so can benefit from [...]

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Body image – You are perfect right now!

Penny Hackney – aka The Cheerful Chick – is an Australian blogger and style mentor for over 35’s who is on a mission to encourage women everywhere to live their most colourful and confident life. Colour guru and wardrobe wiz, Penny can help you discover the colours and styles that love you, so you never [...]

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