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Helpful habits for life

I keep thinking I’ve already written about habits, but I’ve probably just mentioned them in a number of other blogs including routines, a week into my new life and smarter working. Habits are an important component of my life and don’t believe I’m alone here. I like to think that I’m a pretty productive individual [...]

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Routines for success & sanity

Routines have been instrumental in helping me juggle my busy life. Two weeks since leaving work and I’m yet to establish a new routine. It probably hasn’t helped that 10 days of this I’ve been touring the SW of England with my kids and staying in 4 different places. Many of us make use of [...]

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Embrace Ageing – mindset is key!

This "Embrace Ageing" guest blog has been written by Anita Duwel, owner of Love the Life You Live and Aging with Vitality and co-owner of Health SAVVY. She's also one of 'my tribe' that I'm loving being connected with!   Your mind is extraordinary… Put it to good use! To embrace ageing does not mean that [...]

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Positivity boost – simple tips to apply everyday

Positivity boost Positivity can be key to our health and our well-being. Our busy modern lives are full of millions of different stimuli – I won’t bamboozle you with the detail, but it is mindboggling.  Despite immense processing power our brains are not sophisticated enough to distinguish between positive and negative, so can benefit from [...]

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Body image – You are perfect right now!

Penny Hackney – aka The Cheerful Chick – is an Australian blogger and style mentor for over 35’s who is on a mission to encourage women everywhere to live their most colourful and confident life. Colour guru and wardrobe wiz, Penny can help you discover the colours and styles that love you, so you never [...]

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12 ways to protect yourself from the January blues

  12 ways to protect yourself from January blues It may just be me, but January seems to be dragging on a bit. What felt like a much needed (and welcomed) return to normality a few weeks ago, now feels almost like a penance. Normally one of life’s optimists, even I’m feeling down and lethargic.  [...]

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Ever feel like an imposter in your own life? 

Ever feel like an imposter in your own life?  If you find yourself doubting your accomplishments or experiencing a fear of being exposed as a fraud, you may be experiencing a case of “imposter syndrome”. Whether you’re familiar with the term imposter syndrome or not, the symptoms are surprisingly common.  Leaving imposter syndrome unchecked, however, could [...]

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Expanding our comfort zones to keep youthful

Expanding our comfort zones to keep youthful I’ve probably mentioned “comfort zones” in a number of previous blogs, as it’s a concept I think about a lot. I lead a busy life across a number of different dimensions, including being a parent, an employee, a coach and a blogger. I find myself stepping (or leaping) [...]

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Gratitude & 10 things I’m truly grateful for

Gratitude & 10 things I’m truly grateful for I’ve been meaning to write about gratitude for a while, but have been unsure how to go about this without sounding smug. Gratitude is the quality or feeling of being grateful or thankful. I feel I am tremendously privileged across many elements of my life. In fact, I’m [...]

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Mind – Embrace change to stay youthful

Embrace change to stay youthful Like many people, I tend to be a creature of habit in some respects of my life. This can be useful – it can make life more predictable, comfortable and efficient – in particular when developing and keeping good habits. It can arguably make dropping bad habits harder. As many [...]

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