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Interests – what gets you up in the morning?

Interests – what gets you up in the morning? I initially came up with the idea for this blog one Sunday morning this summer, when I was up early for one reason or another. It seemed to be the nth early Sunday in a row. As I was going about my business, I noticed that [...]

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Interests – Do you live with purpose?

Interests – Do you live with purpose? This is my first Interests article, but it links closely with some of the Minds topics. Today’s article considers a sense of purpose. My aim is not to go too deep on this subject, but I think it’s useful to take a look at purpose before examining different [...]

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Interests for everyone

Interests for everyone I’d imagine that most people have interests even if they don’t specifically call them this. We could refer to them as hobbies, past-times, likes, passions and so on. Some might be fleeting or come and go at different life stages, while other interests could last throughout our lives. There are so many [...]

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