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Taking control – exciting next chapter

It’s finally here! I've taken control of my life and it feels amazing! This week marks the start of my next chapter. Just days ago, I was an employee of a large global corporation and today I am the full-time CEO of my own business!   Why? What possessed me to leave my comfortable corporate job? [...]

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Do Something Different

  Do Something Different This follows on from an earlier post called “Does the prospect of having to work until your late 60s fill you with fear and dread?”. To recap - you have 3 main options: do nothing and carry on your current path, ignoring the problem, or chooseto thrive in your current line [...]

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Cacao & Meditation – being open to new experiences

  Cacao & Meditation – being open to new experiences  A couple of weeks ago, on a lovely warm Sunday afternoon, I attended a Shamanic Workshop & Cacao Ceremony. This was organised and hosted by a friend from my village. Having absolutely no idea what I was letting myself in for, in the spirit of [...]

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Interests – Is this really it?

Interests - Is this really it? I’m surprised, saddened and excited by some of the conversations I’ve had lately. People often mention their future dreams in passing, and then dismiss them almost immediately afterwards. Maybe I’m listening better. Maybe I’m asking the right questions. Maybe people are sharing more with me. I’m fortunate that I [...]

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Interests – Reading for pleasure

Speaking to friends and acquaintances, some claim that they don’t have exciting interests. Some don’t even believe they have interests. The aim of this article is to show that interests don’t have to be exciting to be enjoyable -  and can be accessible to a wide population, with a little resourcefulness and imagination. Interests – [...]

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