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13 reasons why I love my new eyes

13 reasons why I love my new eyes It’s been 7 months now since I had corrective eye surgery. Prior to my surgery, I had very poor eyesight and had worn contact lenses for almost 25 years. To say I’ve been impressed since day one is an understatement, but on reflection there are many reasons [...]

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Dietary supplements for now & my future

Dietary supplements I eat a pretty balanced diet - in fact, I pride myself on this - yet I still enhance my diet with a number of dietary supplements. I am certainly no expert in this area. I’m not even sure I’m really the expert of my own body! But l am pretty attuned to [...]

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Those Darn Hormones!

Anita Duwel - the founder of Love the Life You Live! and Aging with Vitality! - is a Canadian blogger, Certified Holistic Nutrition Coach and Workplace Wellness Consultant. She has made it her mission in life to help others via support, motivation, inspiration, and sharing of experiences and knowledge to live a life of quality [...]

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Body image – You are perfect right now!

Penny Hackney – aka The Cheerful Chick – is an Australian blogger and style mentor for over 35’s who is on a mission to encourage women everywhere to live their most colourful and confident life. Colour guru and wardrobe wiz, Penny can help you discover the colours and styles that love you, so you never [...]

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How old am I?  Biological age versus actual age

How old am I?  Biological age versus actual age Last week I took a biological age test. For the uninitiated, this test gives an approximation of biological age or how old my body seems, versus my actual (or chronological) age. Simply put, it can give a useful indication of how well I am ageing. It should [...]

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Balance – Everything in Moderation

Balance - everything in moderation January is often a good time to look at where we are, and to try to bring things back into balance. This is because the New Year is a great chance to form new habits, and because it is an (often welcome) opportunity to recover from overindulgence over the holiday [...]

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Warm up to stay healthy this winter

Warm up to stay healthy this winter Keeping warm is a topic on which I have a lot of personal experience. I’m feeling cold writing this blog, early morning before the heating kicks in. Winter seems to have crept up more slowly than some years, but there’s no mistaking, it’s here now. I rarely feel [...]

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Bolstering immune systems – colds & flu

Bolstering immune systems – colds & flu Wherever I turn at the moment I see signs of colds & flu – sniffing, sniffling, sneezing, wheezing and coughing. I’m sorry to admit that I’m not the most sympathetic of people. I’m not saying I never get ill myself - I confess I did have a sneezy [...]

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Acupuncture for corrective & preventative health

Acupuncture for corrective & preventative health As I mentioned in the introduction to last week’s blog on the Chinese approach to ageing well, I recently experienced acupuncture for the first time ever. This was performed by Marianne Killick from MK Acupuncture. I never imagined this would be on the cards as I’m not a big [...]

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The Chinese approach to ageing well

Today I’ve been for my first ever acupuncture session. I’ll be telling you all about that in next week’s blog. Today’s post has been kindly written for me by the lovely acupuncturist Marianne Killick and is all about the Chinese approach to ageing well. The Chinese approach to ageing well “To know how to grow [...]

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