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Could Hypopressives allow you to start living again?

One of the great things I discovered in 2020 was Hypopressives. You’ve not heard of Hypopressives? No, I hadn’t either. But as you may already know, I’m always keen to try out different things from a health and fitness perspective. For a month or so during the first lockdown I followed online Hypopressives training with [...]

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This Book Could Save Your Life

This Book Could Save Your Life – Book Review I’ve recently finished reading this book and I feel so empowered, I must share it with you. I learned about Graham Lawton from the article that my dad wrote – Calorific Restriction For Healthy Ageing. So, I googled him (as you do) and saw that he’d [...]

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Calorific restriction for successful ageing

I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that I was planning to publish some articles on my parents’ ageing journeys as well as my own. This is a guest blog written by my dad. Calorific restriction for successful ageing I’m very fortunate to have remained in good health for just over 77 years. I take no [...]

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Supporting Immunity with Antioxidants

I'm pleased to introduce today's article, a guest blog by Michele Scarr Nutritional Therapist, who shares her advice below on how to increase our immune systems. Supporting Immunity with Antioxidants Immunity is important at the best of times to keep us healthy and well. But there hasn't been an instance in our own lifetimes where our [...]

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Benefits of A Plant Based Diet at 40

Intrigued about adopting a plant based diet? This is a guest blog by talented headshot photographer Daniel McLean. I'd heard he'd adopted a plant based diet and was intrigued to learn more about his decision to do this and how it was going. Nine months after making the change he's delighted to share how well this is working [...]

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Keeping safe & sane during coronavirus times

As you know, I’ve been in the habit of posting fortnightly for the last 6 months or so, but as coronavirus and the changes underway are so unpredictable, I thought I’d give you an additional update. As an eternal optimist, I never even considered that the coronavirus situation would have got to this point. Yet, [...]

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Breast Cancer – a personal story

Today’s article is a guest blog from a friend who’s been through breast cancer in the last year. This topic is very personal to her and she naturally wishes to remain anonymous. Identifying breast cancer About a year ago I was in the GP surgery, idly looking at posters on the wall. One of the [...]

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Chiropractic – addressing a pain in the neck

A few months back I published an article called What are you putting up with? It was actually after writing this that I realised that I’d been putting up with something else for a while – neck pain. I initially ‘injured’ myself a couple of years ago. Embarrassingly, I’m not actually sure what I did, [...]

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January goals – actions speak louder than words

I’m writing this post with several days of January still to go, but I’m pretty confident that I’ll achieve my January goals. Funnily enough, I’m only just getting around to writing down my 2020 goals. Normally, come January 1st, I’ve already planned and listed out all my goals for the year. For the last X [...]

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6 simple ways to optimise your energy

How are your energy levels? At this time of year, it’s not uncommon to feel a little drained as we head into winter. I’m an early bird by nature, but even I struggle to get out of bed at the moment. However, I still seem to have much more energy than many others around me. [...]

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