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Why I love to exercise

Continuing in the My relationship with…. series, this article “Why I love to exercise” looks at my relationship with exercise.   I’ve always been a pretty active person, although not necessarily super fit. I’m not the obvious athletic type – being a mere 5ft 2. But since childhood I’ve always practiced a variety of different [...]

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Swimming through life

Swimming through life I swim all year around, but I especially love it at the moment as my local pool seems particularly quiet. I have several theories about why this may be the case. The outdoor swimming and triathlon seasons are over and those swimmers are taking a well-deserved break. The more reluctant exercisers have [...]

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Exercise – Yoga to lift up your life

Exercise – Yoga to lift up your life As for many people, the first week of January marked my first attendance at a yoga class for a while. I felt thoroughly relaxed and energised, although I did ache a little the next day. There are many different types of yoga and I’m sure there are [...]

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Walking for Fun and Health

While I appreciate not everyone can walk (sadly, I count two of my own family among this number), the majority of us can, and walking is relatively accessible and easy to do. Indeed, our hunter gatherer ancestors spent much of their time walking. Firstly, I cover various benefits of walking – including physical, psychological and [...]

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Exercise – the benefits of exercise for successful ageing – part 2 of 2

I already covered the health-related benefits of exercise in part one, in this post I’ll examine some other motivations for exercising, at any age. I’ll also challenge some of the reasons, or dare-I say it ‘excuses’, I sometimes hear for not taking enough exercise. Relaxation At least two of the exercises I currently engage in [...]

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Exercise benefits for successful ageing – part 1 of 2

Exercise benefits for successful ageing– part 1 of 2 I’ve already mentioned the importance of remaining active in several of my earlier posts, notably the exercise intro. This week, I’ll be covering the benefits of exercise and the impact on ageing. As I have a lot to say on this subject, you can find part one [...]

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Exercise – Part of the balance

Exercise - Part of the balance Exercise and fitness can mean very different things to people no matter what age, so we need to be thoughtful about how to approach this subject. While some people think nothing of a regular hour-long high-intensity workout, others may get exhausted just thinking about taking the stairs. The good news is that there [...]

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