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Accommodation – making adjustments

Accommodation – making adjustments My last accommodation article focused on maintaining independence. This one looks at adjustments that can be made to your housing to help assist your Age Life Balance journey. Depending on your current age and life stage, this could be more relevant to your parents or other older relatives than you, right [...]

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Accommodation – degrees of independence

Accommodation – degrees of independence Independence is probably one of those concepts that means different things to different people, and our views on independence may well change as we age too. We’ll talk about financial independence in a separate Financial Security article – this article is more about independent living. Many of those interviewed as part [...]

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Accommodation intro – there’s no place like home

Accommodation intro – there’s no place like home Where and how we live are important considerations and become even more so as we get older. Many of us may already have some experience and appreciation of this through our parents or other older relatives. Some manage seem to manage amazingly well on their own until a [...]

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