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Finding my Tribe – Ageing with purpose

'Finding a tribe'  - a sense of belonging - can be important. While sometimes it’s great to forge ahead on your own, following your own path, it can also be comforting to know you’re not totally barking up the wrong tree. For the first year after I launched Age Life Balance, I was in a [...]

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Good oral health benefits ageing & longevity

National Smile Month started this week!  If you’re not aware, it’s the largest & longest-running campaign to promote good oral health. Between 13th May and 13th June 2019, National Smile Month will be sharing positive messages and engaging others to develop and maintain a healthy mouth. Looking after our mouths can impact how we live [...]

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Sound Bath – a calming, restorative experience

Sound Bath – a calming, restorative experience This Sunday afternoon was not a typical one for us. My daughter and I went to a Sound Bath. I must admit that I hadn’t even heard of such a thing until a few months back, let alone considered trying one. And now we’ve gone and done it! [...]

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13 reasons why I love my new eyes

13 reasons why I love my new eyes It’s been 7 months now since I had corrective eye surgery. Prior to my surgery, I had very poor eyesight and had worn contact lenses for almost 25 years. To say I’ve been impressed since day one is an understatement, but on reflection there are many reasons [...]

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Dietary supplements for now & my future

Dietary supplements I eat a pretty balanced diet - in fact, I pride myself on this - yet I still enhance my diet with a number of dietary supplements. I am certainly no expert in this area. I’m not even sure I’m really the expert of my own body! But l am pretty attuned to [...]

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Positivity boost

Positivity boost Following my recent Balance for Better article for International Women’s Day, I’ve been inspired to focus on positivity this week. Our busy modern lives are full of millions of different stimuli – I won’t bamboozle you with the detail, but it is mindboggling.  Despite immense processing power our brains are not sophisticated enough to [...]

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