I’m writing this blog on the plane home following an amazing weekend away with friends. It’s been great to have a break from the norm in the lead up to Christmas. Taking a break is probably not something I do often enough (as those who know me will confirm).  But to say it’s been beneficial is an understatement, for a whole host of reasons.


Physically removing yourself from your surroundings can involve some effort, but it’s one sure way of taking a break from your routine. For me anyway, it completely removes me from any temptation of getting on with work and household chores.

We’ve been in Spain at a friend’s holiday villa. While totally new to me, it was full of home comforts and much more relaxing than staying at home or in a hotel.

Great company

Time with loved ones is important, but so is time with friends. Spending quality time with positive like-minded people can be energising and also fun. I’ve honestly not laughed as much as I have this weekend in a long while! Ahem!


For a few days only, we’ve been totally absolved from all our normal roles and all the responsibilities that come with them. We agreed early on that the word ‘guilty’ was banned and would be subject to a fine, if used. We gave ourselves complete permission to be without responsibilities for the time we were away. Irresponsible, even!


A change in climate can sometimes be energising or at least make things interesting. This weekend, we were blessed with a surprisingly warm Saturday, including a walk along the beach and dipping our toes in the sea. We also got soaked in torrential rain this Monday morning while packing up the car. And ultimately were greeted by a chill on our return to the UK, of course.


Caught up in the busyness of real life, I frequently forget to have fun. Check out my previous article on this subject.

This weekend has served as a great reminder that life is too short not to have a little fun along the way. We’ve had 3 days (and nights) of great food, a few drinks, singing, dancing and general merriment. Bring it on!


A little bit of retail therapy can give you a lift and it doesn’t always need to cost the earth. It’s been great to wander through the shops, buying a few Christmas presents and a few small treats for me too.


Most of all, taking a break can give us a whole different perspective on things. This can be both interesting and healthy. It’s amazing how exposure to different people, sights and ways of life can be enlightening, inspiring and empowering.


I’ve just returned from an amazing weekend away with friends. Taking a break from the norm is not something I do very often, but it’s been really good for a whole host of reasons.


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