Benefits of Magnet Therapy

I’ve recently started wearing magnetic jewellery. I must confess that I hadn’t actually heard of this until recently when I acquired a magnetic bracelet and Power Heart. I’m now wearing these daily and admit I have experienced some rather positive results.

Why the need?

Several months ago, I started experiencing some pain in my left arm. This felt to me like a trapped nerve. It was not only painful, but actually restricted my arm movement considerably, leaving me with limited strength. I was not a happy bunny. I occasionally experience a trapped nerve in my hip, ironically not from running, but mundane pottering around e.g. when shopping. With my hip, normally after a day or two and some targeted stretching, this seems to correct itself.

My arm didn’t however seem to want to right itself, regardless of whether I stretched, rested, did specific exercises or tried to continue life as normal.

Could magnets help?

Several weeks later, it was still lingering on. That’s when I met Sam, a Magnetix wellness consultant. We had actually planned to meet for a completely different reason – more to follow in another blog on The Balance Procedure. I knew she also sold magnetic jewellery and I was interested in learning more about this – for research purposes of course – so I asked her to bring some along to show me.

I was intrigued to learn that magnets have various healing properties and I was keen to see if they actually worked. I selected a couple of items with my mum in mind. She suffers with chronic pain from arthritis and I wondered if the magnets could help her. A single magnet can work, but wearing multiple is advisable to increase their reach. I went for a bracelet and a power heart as these were attractive, yet discreet, simple and easy to wear.

As my mum lives quite far away and I wasn’t planning to see her for several months, I thought I’d try out the magnets myself in the meantime. I also wanted to know whether they actually worked, before passing them over. I was also more than a little curious, if I’m honest.

What happened next?

It may have been a complete coincidence, but after a day or two I noticed less pain in my arm and within a few days, at the most, the pain had disappeared altogether. I now daren’t go without them, so I may well have to keep them myself and get some more for my mum. At least I’ll know what to get her for Christmas, for once.

I appreciate that that this may not be for everyone and my positive experience may well have been a placebo effect, but ultimately my pain disappeared. I’d definitely be up for using magnets and trying other non-traditional methods again in the future.

Other uses for magnets

Many of you may have used copper or magnet bracelets before yourself, or know a family member who does to help ease arthritis. But did you know the reasons behind this? Also, research has found that magnets work on the nervous and endocrine systems, so can also help with stress/anxiety, menopausal/hormonal issues, sleeping/tiredness and headaches/migraines. They can also help with many other health issues too including Fibromyalgia pain and carpal tunnel syndrome.

The history

Treatments using magnets have been well documented through the ages. The history is rooted in the pre-Christian cultures of the Chinese, Egyptians, Greeks and others. However, in the last 100 years investigation into magnetism has produced new findings and research is being stepped up.
In 1954 Linus Carl Pauling received the Nobel prize for Chemistry for discovering the magnetic properties of haemoglobin. In 1961 when the first Astronauts returned to the Earth they were found to have health problems ranging from depression to poor sleeping, the main cause was energy exhaustion which was attributed to the absence of the Earth’s Magnetic field in space. Further experiments over the last 40-50 years have found that magnets activate metabolic processes in the body and promote the formation of amino acids. There have also been tests of 80 patients with lumbar problems in the spine more than 90% of them who wore a magnetic belt reported a positive improvement. Dr HC Petra Doring also found in a survey of 5000 wearers of Magnet jewellery that 92% felt an improvement in at least one complaint such as insomnia and headaches. Other studies have also found that osteoarthritis patients wearing bracelets can reduce their pain from hips or knee.

The science

Wearing magnets improve our circulation which in turn puts more nutrients and oxygen around the body, this also reduces inflammation. Furthermore, the earth has a magnetic core and we have a magnetic field around us and this is disrupted with the devices we use so the magnet helps to balance this. On average 94% of the population could benefit from wearing magnets.

How long does it take?

Some people have an immediate positive effect when wearing a magnet for the first time, while others may take a few days or weeks to notice a difference. It is recommended that you wear the magnet for at least 8 hours a day.

What do they look like?

Magnetic jewellery is now available in rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets and extra strong “power hearts” which you place directly over an area of pain and looks like “normal” pretty jewellery. There are also toe rings and insoles. There are ranges for men, women and children.

If you’d like to discover more about the benefits of wearing magnets or magnet jewellery then please contact Sam and she’d be delighted to show you.


I appreciate that that this may not be for everyone and my positive experience may well have been a placebo effect, but ultimately my pain disappeared. I’d definitely be up for using magnets and trying other non-traditional methods again in the future.


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