One of the Age Life Balance Words of Wisdom tips for keeping youthful, is looking at things with childlike wonder. Often when we’re in the thick of life, it can be hard to see things in this way.

Few things fill me with awe & wonder as much as being at the coast. I think it’s partly because it helps me to feel like a child again and partly as it reminds me just how insignificant we are in the grand scheme of things.

I’ve been lucky enough to spend a fabulous time on the North Cornwall coast this long weekend, with friends and family. I wanted to share some of the things filling me with awe & wonder.


I simply love the patterns left in the sand by the tide. These are even better when they are filled with ‘sea puddles’. These start off cold and can become pleasantly warm in the sun.

It can also be fun making patterns in the sand, with our feet, sticks and other things found on the beach.

Temperature changes

These seem to be exaggerated between pleasantly warm and really cool. This includes the water itself (the sea and the pools) although it often warms up with time. It’s also chilly in the icy wind and the shade versus warm on the sheltered steps and on the rocks


Exploring rockpools can be great fun. Luckily, I had kids with me to allow me the excuse, but I’m not sure who was most into it!

Some pools were completely void of life, others full of sea creatures – mussels, winkles, anemones, crabs. We even spotted a kind of sea centipede that was particularly striking!

Rock climbing

It was fun scrambling across the barnacle covered rocks, sometimes looking for the safest, and shortest route across, sometimes taking a little more risk. I tried it in bare feet and with trainers at different times of the weekend. Initially I was a little reticent (maybe scared? maybe embarrassed?). I soon gained confidence and was charging around with the best of them!


We found a number of different caves along the shore. Some that didn’t really go anywhere and a couple that went back quite a way. One even had a waterfall in.

Tidal changes

Then there’s the magic of the tides. The continuous alternating of high tide and low tide. Sometimes we could cross the full width of the bay, at other times we were limited to small coves. And we almost got caught out, whilst enjoying the sun on the warm rocks.


The light and the colours seem so different and changeable. We had blue sky and sea for two days, then pale grey sky and green sea for the last. The different types of rocks, cliffs, sand and sea weed all contributed to the colourful landscape.

Coastal paths

We were fortunate enough to have paths heading out on both sides of the bay we stayed at. The paths weaved their way close to the cliff edge and tracking the fields, undulating up and down. It was fun walking with family and friends and I even got to go for a run one morning.


Overall, we’ve had a fabulous time on the North Cornwall coast this weekend. We were blessed by great company, very few fellow-tourists, the ability to take some time out and spend a little time on things we want to do. The British weather wasn’t too unkind – an extra 5 degrees would have been even nicer – but this could have attracted many more people and all that that would bring with it.

It was great to feel the sense of freedom, facilitated by the environment, and the feelings of awe & wonder that came with it. I’m feeling energised and rejuvenated!


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