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House clearance – out with the old

As I write this we’re on our way back from 10 days in Devon and Cornwall. Sounds idyllic doesn’t it? Especially the way 2020 has played out so far. A few elements of it were really lovely – a couple of meet-ups with friends and some time with my dad and his wife on the [...]

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Supporting Immunity with Antioxidants

I'm pleased to introduce today's article, a guest blog by Michele Scarr Nutritional Therapist, who shares her advice below on how to increase our immune systems. Supporting Immunity with Antioxidants Immunity is important at the best of times to keep us healthy and well. But there hasn't been an instance in our own lifetimes where our [...]

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Life lessons – Autobiography in five short chapters

How do we learn the biggest life lessons? Through experience, of course. I stumbled across this poem again as I was tidying up some files on my laptop recently. I'm not sure when I'd first come across it, but I'd obviously loved it so much, I'd decided to keep it for another day. Life lessons [...]

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Benefits of A Plant Based Diet at 40

Intrigued about adopting a plant based diet? This is a guest blog by talented headshot photographer Daniel McLean. I'd heard he'd adopted a plant based diet and was intrigued to learn more about his decision to do this and how it was going. Nine months after making the change he's delighted to share how well this is working [...]

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20 benefits of garden camping 

We’ve been camping in our garden in recent times. Keen campers when the kids were young, we’ve had less time and desire to do this over the last few years. We’ve not camped this early on in the season for 5 years, but the combination of fine weather and the lockdown tempted us to pitch [...]

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Finding NEMO for balance during the lockdown

Never has the balance between work and life been so blurred… Following on from my recent article keeping safe & sane during Coronavirus times, I had a brainchild. I had wanted to do something that could inspire and help others. I wanted my message to be simple and clear. I also wanted to ensure I [...]

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Making the best use of our time

I’ve probably thought to myself countless times how nice it would be if the world just stopped and let me catch up… Well careful what you wish for - that time is here and now! I’m typically both busy and active, so I’ll definitely need to find ways to maintain these, amongst other things that [...]

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Keeping safe & sane during coronavirus times

As you know, I’ve been in the habit of posting fortnightly for the last 6 months or so, but as coronavirus and the changes underway are so unpredictable, I thought I’d give you an additional update. As an eternal optimist, I never even considered that the coronavirus situation would have got to this point. Yet, [...]

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