A week into my new life – see last week’s post if you need a reminder – I thought it would be a good time to reflect on what’s remained the same versus what’s changed.


Some things never change

At the end of the day, I’m still the same me – I’ve not had a personally transplant!

I have the same standards for myself: the same desire to get up early, the same work ethic, the same desire to be productive etc. Old habits die hard and I cannot see these changing anytime soon.

I’ve still got the same belief and high expectations of myself (and others).


What’s different?

A few key things have changed:

  • After a few days at home with my kids and the weekend when my husband wasn’t working, we are now away for the next 3 weeks of the summer holidays. So, the situation is definitely different, but is just temporary for a few weeks.


  • Generally, I have more time and am less time pressured, although, this is not yet fully my time, as anyone with kids or pets would appreciate.


  • I have time to spend (and enjoy) with my kids: trips out, playing family games etc.


  • There’s a little time to catch-up on some admin. tasks, plan for the future, etc. although not significantly yet.


  • I’m more money conscious. At least in the beginning I will not be earning the same as before, and it won’t be as consistent. However, with an accountancy background I’ve got a good head for numbers and how this ties together the past and the future.

Things won’t stay like this forever. This is a temporary ‘honeymoon’ and I’m well aware of that. The situation will also change once we return home in a few weeks.


Any surprises?

The relief I felt the day after leaving my old job was immense. This still lingers and makes me smile inside.

I haven’t thought about my old job at all. It’s almost as though it never happened. I plan to keep this, this way.



My life has changed over the last week as I left my corporate job and plan my future running my coaching business full time. I’m currently enjoying some downtime with my kids over the summer.

I’m already thinking and planning ahead, as is my style, determined to make this new chapter of my life a success.


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