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My relationship with the seasons – Autumn

Autumn is here at last!

I feel we’ve been blessed with more sunshine than normal this year – it wasn’t just me, was it? I put this down to a combination of things. Partly the weather gods giving us a few amazing bursts of sunshine and warmth from March through to September. Partly the lockdown, preventing us from doing some of the things we’d normally do, but enabling and encouraging us to enjoy the great outdoors and to reconnect with some of the simpler things in life. It was also the first full year that I’ve been working for myself (and to my own, more flexible, agenda) allowing me to nip outside for a walk or enjoy a cuppa in the sun. I almost thought that ‘summer’ in its various guises would last forever…

But all good things must come to an end. And the lovely British seasons are a great reminder of that. I actually LOVE autumn – one of my joint favourite seasons (together with spring).

It just felt like a rude shock last week, from shorts and sunglasses one day, to a warm jacket the next. Brrrr.

5 reasons I love Autumn 

Let’s celebrate Autumn, these are some of the things I love about it.

Warming / comfort foods

There’s something about the combination of digging out the slow cooker, reminding myself of the soups and stews we love, foraging for windfall apples and blackberries around the local vicinity and harvesting produce from the garden. We’ve made soups, crumbles, bread and butter pudding, slow cooker chilli, chicken casserole and pulled pork so far. We made pumpkin muffins this evening – yum ?

Autumn cooking

These recipes are warming and comforting and make the house smell delicious and inviting. What’s not to love?!

Autumn leaves

I love autumn leaves. Some of the autumn colours are peaking through, but many of the trees are still looking pretty green and leafy for this time of year. I suspect that’s down to the mild weather we’ve been experiencing, so I’m sure this is about to change imminently.

Autumn leaves

I love the autumn colours and I love walking through leaves, preferably dry crunchy ones. But I’m also OK with soggy ones if I’m in my wellies! Autumn walks rock – as long as I’m allowed to wear my hat and gloves!

Time spent indoors

I feel there’s been a definitely shift to more time indoors of late. This is partly due to the temperature falling, but it’s also due to the days rapidly shortening. Truth be told I’ve not been out and about as early as I  normally would over the past year. Up, definitely, just not about as I’ve been focusing on other things and can exercise during the day more easily. But evenings have definitely been spent outside and these are noticeably drawing in now…We’re still clinging onto our evening family walk for now, one of the best habits we’ve adopted this year, but let’s see what happens in the weeks to come. Headtorch, anyone?

Anyway, coming inside now always feels cosy and welcoming and the heating isn’t even on yet…

Warm clothes

Having worn shorts for much of September, I’ve not yet stored my summer clothes away, but it won’t be long. I have however already got some of my warmer clothes on, although it has been a bit hot & cold. Cool in the mornings and warming up in the day. In some ways, I look forward to digging out more of those layers, warm socks and other warm clothes.  Toasty.


I don’t generally need that much sleep – 6.5-7 is enough for me most of the year round. However, for a few months in the autumn, I’m generally pretty keen to get to bed in the evenings and a bit gorggy in the mornings. It won’t be long now until I’ll be allowed to get out the electric under-blanket – one of my favourite little luxuries!

My 2 gripes about Autumn

Autumn certainly sounds like a great time of year…but, what don’t I love so much?

I feel the cold quite a lot. And when I do, I tend to hunch my shoulders and tense up. Neither actually making me any warmer, but both causing achiness in my back and shoulders. I find relief in massages, but my monthly massage treat is hardly enough to contend with this in between.

My joints start to ache – I often experience some achiness in my knees and other joints in the cold and damp winter months and it typically starts during the autumn. While not ‘painful’ as such, it can feel quite waring at times.

The good thing is that both of these can be helped by regular exercise and other movement, but alas I can’t do that all day every day. There are also times where I’m quite static during the day for work purposes, as many of us are.


Autumn is with us at last and it’s time to embrace and enjoy it!

Normally at this time of year, we start to see and hear signs of Christmas. However, none of us know quite what to expect this year. With the everchanging guidance and rules, we can barely make plans from one week to the next, let alone a few months out. I guess we’ll have to wait and see…

In the meantime, let’s settle into the house, draw the curtains to keep in the warmth and tuck into some of that comforting homemade food!

Autumn colours


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