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We’re going home

After several weeks of travel, we’re looking forward to going home. My kids and I have been away, visiting friends and family in the SW, since early August. Don’t get me wrong, we’ve had a great time chilling, doing various activities, seeing friends & family, reading, playing games, cooking and eating. But we’ve reached the [...]

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Routines for success & sanity

Routines have been instrumental in helping me juggle my busy life. Two weeks since leaving work and I’m yet to establish a new routine. It probably hasn’t helped that 10 days of this I’ve been touring the SW of England with my kids and staying in 4 different places. Many of us make use of [...]

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Taking control – exciting next chapter

It’s finally here! I've taken control of my life and it feels amazing! This week marks the start of my next chapter. Just days ago, I was an employee of a large global corporation and today I am the full-time CEO of my own business!   Why? What possessed me to leave my comfortable corporate job? [...]

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