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Aloe Vera benefits for ageing

This article has been written by Carole Cooney, local Property Investor and Lettings Agent and most recently founder of More Energy at 50 Plus or Any Age   Thank you, Melanie, for inviting me to guest write for Age Life Balance! It is an honour, and I hope your readers enjoy some value from my [...]

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Everybody’s Free (To Wear Sunscreen)

I heard the amazing Baz Lurhman "sunscreen" song on the radio last week.  I cannot believe this dates back to 1999 – maybe showing my age, here! It brought a smile to my face. It still sounds good 20 years on and contains some great advice for living. Maybe because it’s much more poignant to [...]

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Are you getting enough calcium?

Are you getting enough calcium? This article has been inspired by Nicole Madden,from Completely Nutrition. I’ve heard Nicole speak a number of times and she has a way of captivating her audience with her straight-talking informative knowledge on all-things nutrition. Today’s topic is calcium, but there’ll be others to follow in a similar vein. Many [...]

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