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Age Life Balance celebrates 2 year anniversary!

Age Life Balance celebrates 2 year anniversary! I’m proud to announce that Age Life Balance is celebrating its 2-year anniversary this week! I’ve successfully posted 104 weekly blogs on a variety of different topics, and as well as different initiatives such as Words of Wisdom, Top Tips for Successful Ageing, and Foods to Help You [...]

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Planning to optimise life

Planning to optimise life Last year I posted an article on planning, from a long-term life and ageing journey perspective. I’m a planner by nature, but I need to periodically reassess my plans along the way. This is to ensure I don’t get overwhelmed, as much as to ensure I’m focusing on the rights things [...]

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Body image – You are perfect right now!

Penny Hackney – aka The Cheerful Chick – is an Australian blogger and style mentor for over 35’s who is on a mission to encourage women everywhere to live their most colourful and confident life. Colour guru and wardrobe wiz, Penny can help you discover the colours and styles that love you, so you never [...]

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