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Swimming through life

Swimming through life I swim all year around, but I especially love it at the moment as my local pool seems particularly quiet. I have several theories about why this may be the case. The outdoor swimming and triathlon seasons are over and those swimmers are taking a well-deserved break. The more reluctant exercisers have [...]

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Reliance on technology

Reliance on technology I’d actually written another article to post this week. We’re away on a well-deserved break (hurrah!) but I’ve forgotten to bring my laptop charger (boo!). It reminds me how reliant on technology many of us have become. While not being able to use my laptop isn’t a huge deal, I now won’t [...]

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Gratitude & 10 things I’m truly grateful for

Gratitude & 10 things I’m truly grateful for I’ve been meaning to write about gratitude for a while, but have been unsure how to go about this without sounding smug. Gratitude is the quality or feeling of being grateful or thankful. I feel I am tremendously privileged across many elements of my life. In fact, I’m [...]

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Dealing with sudden loss

Dealing with sudden loss Human lives can be fragile. Sometimes with no warning, loved ones can be taken from us. You may have been impacted directly, know others that have been affected or heard stories of celebrities who’ve gone too soon. This article looks the practical side of dealing with the sudden loss of a [...]

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Benefits of Magnet Therapy

Benefits of Magnet Therapy I’ve recently started wearing magnetic jewellery. I must confess that I hadn’t actually heard of this until recently when I acquired a magnetic bracelet and Power Heart. I’m now wearing these daily and admit I have experienced some rather positive results. Why the need? Several months ago, I started experiencing some [...]

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