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Triumph Through Adversity

Triumph Through Adversity Last Friday night was our children’s school’s annual ‘End of year BBQ’. This is an event enjoyed by parents and pupils alike and has built up a good following in our small village school over the years. It also coincided with the first, and only, rainfall we’ve experienced in many weeks. While [...]

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Eye surgery – clear vision in sight!

Eye surgery - clear vision in sight! This week I have made a huge decision – I’ve decided to have corrective eye surgery. With vision being one of the key senses, this is not a decision I have taken lightly or arrived at easily. I’m a few months off having the surgery, but I wanted [...]

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Self-care for seven days (and the long-term)

Seven days of self-care I’m generally fairly good at looking after myself or self-care as it seems to be termed these days. I always have at the back of my mind “Put your own oxygen mask on, before helping others”. If I’m feeling OK, then I’m much more able to be there for those around [...]

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How to set and achieve your goals

How to set and achieve your goals! On Sunday I completed my first Standard distance triathlon! I appreciate that this may not be everyone’s cup of tea – especially sinking in a weedy river at 8am on a Sunday – but I wanted to share my journey for the useful lessons I’ve learned along the way [...]

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