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Health – Keeping safe and well during the heatwave

  As we experience a ‘heatwave’ in the UK this week, there are a few things we should be aware of, and look to protect ourselves from, to keep safe and well. These guidelines apply to everyone, but they’re especially relevant for more vulnerable people, including the elderly and infirm. Much of this also applies [...]

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Regular check-ups for optimal health

Regular check-ups for optimal health I feel I’ve spent too much time at the garage lately. In the same way that cars need regular servicing and MOTs to ensure they are safe and are operating effectively and efficiently, so do we. Unlike taking our cars to the garage, there isn’t a one-stop shop to deal [...]

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Travel – Getting away from it all

Travel - Getting away from it all I’m drafting this week’s article from a hotel room. As a periodic traveller for business and pleasure, finding myself in a hotel isn’t that uncommon. What is unusual is that I’m away with my husband -  and no kids. We both travel independently from time to time, so [...]

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Health – Running for my life!

Health - Running for my life! Today I’m going to share one of my passions with you. I am a runner. There I’ve said it. I’ve been contemplating writing this article for a while, wondering if the topic was too exclusive or whether some readers might consider it to be too ‘smug’. But then I [...]

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