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Youthfulness – 20 ways to act my shoe size, not my age!

Youthfulness - 20 ways to act my shoe size, not my age! Out and about with my kids the other day I was reminded of the expression, “Act your age, not your shoe size!”. This generally implies immaturity, either being said to adults acting like overgrown children or to school-age children acting like overgrown toddlers. [...]

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Travel – The call of the mountains

Travel - The call of the mountains Some people crave sunshine and warmth. I crave the mountains. Fortunately, I’m not alone here and mountain holidays are given priority in our family. Just back from our latest mountain fix, I wanted to share some of my passion for the mountains with you. I begin by sharing [...]

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Health – Nutrition for healthy ageing

I’m excited to introduce Helen Reay, Nutritional Therapist as a guest blogger this week. Below, she shares with us her top nutritional and lifestyle habits for healthy ageing. Health - Nutrition for healthy ageing The population in England is expected to rise by 12% by 2041. The biggest increase will be in the number of [...]

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Health – winter hands

Health – winter hands While I’ve not got the most glamourous hands – my fingers are quite short with quite prominent knuckles – I’ve probably never given them too much thought before. Before this winter, that is. Maybe it’s been a long hard winter (it has), or maybe I’m getting older (I am), but my [...]

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