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Practicalities – couples of different ages

Practicalities – couples of different ages There’s no doubt that the 25-year age gap between French President Emanuel Macron and his glamorous wife has sparked lots of media interest. But they’re not the first well-known couple with a large age gap, and undoubtedly won’t be the last. As this is not something exclusive to the [...]

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Accommodation – making adjustments

Accommodation – making adjustments My last accommodation article focused on maintaining independence. This one looks at adjustments that can be made to your housing to help assist your Age Life Balance journey. Depending on your current age and life stage, this could be more relevant to your parents or other older relatives than you, right [...]

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Travel – holiday planning and preparations

Travel – holiday planning and preparations I don’t know about you, but I love to have events in my diary to look forward to – and holidays are no exception. We generally have an idea of the trips we’re planning over the next 6-12 months and as the dates approach we firm up our plans. [...]

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Youthfulness – Skin and ageing

Youthfulness – Skin and ageing The condition of our skin is one of the main visible indicators of the aging process. As we age the collagen in our skin loses its elasticity and its former plumpness, becoming thinner and more wrinkled. We cannot stop this process, but there are things that we can do to [...]

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