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Interests – what gets you up in the morning?

Interests – what gets you up in the morning? I initially came up with the idea for this blog one Sunday morning this summer, when I was up early for one reason or another. It seemed to be the nth early Sunday in a row. As I was going about my business, I noticed that [...]

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Finance – Inheritance Tax Checklist

This is the first guest blog that I will pepper in among my own articles as we go through the various Age Life Balance topics. Today’s article has been written by Evolution For Women financial advisors. I’ve learned a lot from it and hope that you’ll find it both interesting and useful. Financial - Inheritance [...]

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Walking for Fun and Health

While I appreciate not everyone can walk (sadly, I count two of my own family among this number), the majority of us can, and walking is relatively accessible and easy to do. Indeed, our hunter gatherer ancestors spent much of their time walking. Firstly, I cover various benefits of walking – including physical, psychological and [...]

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Health – Hydration and its impact on ageing

Health – Hydration and its impact on ageing Today’s article focuses on hydration and its impact on our health and ageing. Over the next couple of articles, I plan to go back to basics, to raise awareness and look at some simple steps that we can take in respect of our own ageing journeys. According [...]

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