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Interests – what gets you up in the morning?

Interests – what gets you up in the morning? I initially came up with the idea for this blog one Sunday morning this summer, when I was up early for one reason or another. It seemed to be the nth early Sunday in a row. As I was going about my business, I noticed that [...]

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Finance – Inheritance Tax Checklist

This is the first guest blog that I will pepper in among my own articles as we go through the various Age Life Balance topics. Today’s article has been written by Evolution For Women financial advisors. I’ve learned a lot from it and hope that you’ll find it both interesting and useful. Financial - Inheritance [...]

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Excercise – Walking for Fun and Health

Exercise - Walking for Fun and Health This is the second ‘back to basics’ article, with the aim of keeping things simple. While I appreciate not everyone can walk (sadly, I count two of my own family among this number), the majority of us can, and walking is relatively accessible and easy to do. Indeed, [...]

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Health – Hydration and its impact on ageing

Health – Hydration and its impact on ageing Today’s article focuses on hydration and its impact on our health and ageing. Over the next couple of articles, I plan to go back to basics, to raise awareness and look at some simple steps that we can take in respect of our own ageing journeys. According [...]

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