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Mind – cultivating a growth mindset

Mind - cultivating a growth mindset I mentioned in my Mind intro that we’d be covering the topic of mindset. I’m keen to do this sooner rather than later, as I suspect there may be some people out there that are rather fixed in their mindsets and I’d really like to help cultivate the growth [...]

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Insights from Ageing survey

Insights from Ageing survey This is the second article looking at the responses from the ageing survey conducted in March, on the launch of Age Life Balance. In the first article, I looked at the current age of respondents, their perceived life expectancy, what’s important to them today, thoughts about the future and feelings about [...]

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Work – opportunities for paid work

Work – opportunities for paid work It’s ironic that I’m writing about work on the week that I’m actually on holiday. The first full week I’ve been off since Christmas - Hurrah! It’s given me chance to reflect about work and think about work that I’ve noticed some older people engaging in since I’ve been [...]

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Practicalities – Plan B: when things don’t go to plan

Practicalities – Plan B: when things don’t go to plan So far, much of Age Life Balance has focused on what we can do to positively influence our ageing journey. I truly believe that there’s mileage in this, being the optimist that I am. However, I am also enough of a realist to appreciate that things [...]

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Accommodation – degrees of independence

Accommodation – degrees of independence Independence is probably one of those concepts that means different things to different people, and our views on independence may well change as we age too. We’ll talk about financial independence in a separate Financial Security article – this article is more about independent living. Many of those interviewed as part [...]

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