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Community – social interaction

Community – social interaction I’ve already touched on the importance of social interaction for positive ageing within the community intro and well as in my Words of Wisdom article. Age UK also reports this in their recent wellbeing research. In this article, I’m going to look at some of the different types of interaction, how [...]

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Travel – do you deserve a holiday?

As we approach peak holiday season, in the northern hemisphere at least, this seems to be a well-timed article – on the subject of holidays. Travel – do you deserve a holiday? Based on some of the comments I received from the travel intro as well as the ageing survey, where some people rated holidays [...]

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Interests – Do you live with purpose?

Interests – Do you live with purpose? This is my first Interests article, but it links closely with some of the Minds topics. Today’s article considers a sense of purpose. My aim is not to go too deep on this subject, but I think it’s useful to take a look at purpose before examining different [...]

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Youthfulness – are you young at heart?

Youthfulness – are you young at heart? In my first Youthfulness article, I’m keen to write about being young at heart as I see this as a key factor in successful ageing or keeping us ‘youthful’. So, what does being young at heart actually mean? And how can we get some?! What is young at [...]

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Finances – Income – part 2 of 2

Finances - Income – part 2 of 2 In part one of this topic, we looked at more active forms of income or labour-intensive. In this second part, we'll looking at more passive forms or capital intensive i.e. how to make our assets work for us. Investments This relates mainly to money invested and the financial returns that [...]

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