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Finances – Income – part 1 of 2

Finances - Income - part 1 of 2 As, I explained within my Financial Security Intro, the first topic I’m going to examine is income or ‘money coming in’. I’ll cover different types of income, as these may be increasingly combined in future as part of the so-called gig economy. I’ll also briefly highlight some [...]

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Exercise – the benefits of exercise for successful ageing – part 2 of 2

I already covered the health-related benefits of exercise in part one, in this post I’ll examine some other motivations for exercising, at any age. I’ll also challenge some of the reasons, or dare-I say it ‘excuses’, I sometimes hear for not taking enough exercise. Relaxation At least two of the exercises I currently engage in [...]

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Exercise benefits for successful ageing – part 1 of 2

Exercise benefits for successful ageing– part 1 of 2 I’ve already mentioned the importance of remaining active in several of my earlier posts, notably the exercise intro. This week, I’ll be covering the benefits of exercise and the impact on ageing. As I have a lot to say on this subject, you can find part one [...]

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Can we influence our own ageing?

  None of us are getting any younger – an unescapable fact - but if you look around you, you may notice that people appear to be ageing at different rates. We undoubtedly all know some people in great health, who seem to defy the ageing process and carry on with life as they always have, [...]

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